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  1. Master Plumber
  2. Those Sales People
  3. Kitty learns to use shower!
  4. Gets me everytime
  5. Oh Noes... THAT house. Again.
  6. Lucky to Be Here With Us
  7. The stuff people leave behind...
  8. Lucky Shot
  9. Little Hole
  10. Home Inspection or Party?
  11. Perfect House????? Not Quite
  12. That Smell Is From Some Old Boxes
  13. 8K Tax Credit
  14. What's the inspection world coming to?
  15. How do you do a Pre-listing Inspection?
  16. Ever had to pay for something you didn't break?
  17. Arrive at Inspection and Utilities are not on....Arrrrrgh
  18. Lemons to lemonade - but still pissed
  19. Listing Agent Complaints
  20. Sad News
  21. Bad Day
  22. BC Agents File Multiple Complaints Against Home Inspector
  23. Nice one today
  24. cardio workout and shower
  25. My favorite questions...
  26. Beware Dallas / Ft. Worth Inspectors
  27. Inspection for an investor
  28. Slow Business Comment
  29. Hoveround Safety
  30. What's your best find of the Week? 10.08.2010
  31. Crickets
  32. Can you see the problem?
  33. Disposer Motor Upgrade
  34. Bumbed...$10,000 on a pile of dung website
  35. It's raining again....
  36. "I can't believe it's still running"
  37. Ladder accident / safety please read
  38. Referrals from Inspection News friends
  39. Some people are just nuts
  40. Is IN the new DIY site????
  41. Rental R.V's???
  42. Owl in fireplace
  43. E-Mail from a client
  44. Good week, bad week
  45. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!
  46. Slooooooowwww
  47. Scheduling....
  48. Website Content Thief: Fellow Inspector!
  49. Pro Bono, Cont.
  50. Best flashlight in the solar system
  51. "The seller says..."
  52. The House was Just Inspected
  53. I'll Rip his throught out!
  54. Lifetime Warranty?
  55. 11 Year Young Creampuff
  56. Teas Inspectors: Have you heard of the "Penalty Matrix"?
  57. Bank Anger
  58. Like I know from Art?
  59. WeatherBug warning - do not install
  60. Why I got the job...
  61. Looking for a great caption......
  62. Can you say no?
  63. The kind of stuff I've been seeing
  64. Stuff we find
  65. How sweet it is
  66. This was a week for stuff in the way :>(
  67. Lawsuit of the year
  68. Did The Sellers Disclose Anything of Significance?
  69. Heat Driving Buyers Underground
  70. I'm sooo MAD!
  71. This was my day
  72. Tub Access Blues
  73. My Latest Grief.....
  74. Central Tx wildfires
  75. Who knew cabinet knobs were so dangerous???
  76. Realtors lying about house size
  77. Radstar unit stolen from our truck
  78. A Good Foundation
  79. Pencil Me In Your Schedule.....Let's Tentatively....
  80. Don't know whether to be mad or happy?
  81. It finally happened..
  82. How not to...
  83. Lighten up, it's Xmas
  84. Hoping to See Less of This in 2012
  85. Wet location?
  86. Great Month
  87. whats wrong with this picture
  88. How do you fix this?
  89. Take their tools away from them
  90. Point of service shower head
  91. I Quit
  92. Well....at least I didn't have to change my drawers
  93. Join me on the deck?
  94. New Sponsor: Elite MGA Home Inspector Insurance
  95. Is insurance inspection seasonal?
  96. Monster in the basement
  97. Banking--Business or Personal Account?
  98. Banking--Business or Personal Account?
  99. There's earth ground and then there's grounded in earth..
  100. Today's inspections
  101. AHJ missed it
  102. Could you make that a bit narrower?
  103. Should have read the directions
  104. When to pull the "not readily accessible" card
  105. Found at Today's Inspection
  106. Got stiffed...
  107. Hilarious way to book an inspection
  108. Dang.. Business must be bad for 1 AZ Inspector
  109. golf is great
  110. Tis' The Season for Last Minute Cancellations
  111. Rejection
  112. Why can't I just smack them?????
  113. Somebody Missed A Lot of Stuff
  114. Excess notch?
  115. Flipper Fraud?
  116. Rotator Cuff Surgery Likely For Me
  117. Parallel Parking 101
  118. Leaving equipment
  119. No Love
  120. Grill in Your Fireplace
  121. Typical Inspection day
  122. Home Inspector (These types give you all a bad name)
  123. Blowing off steam
  124. Double Wide Inspection Is Double the Fun
  125. Last Inspection for a While
  126. Realtor's and sometimes clients just don't get it.
  127. Inspecting a Kosher home?
  128. This was a real first (and a case of good timing)
  129. Click-Click-Click and Click again!
  130. Home built in 2009 with no attic insulation
  131. turds in three toilets
  132. Vacant House Pictures
  133. Why do I want to be an Inspector
  134. I need to raise my prices
  135. Words fail me...
  136. Screwed BY Automatic Windows Update
  137. Ever had to break into a house you were inspecting?
  138. And the agents accuse me of killing deals...
  139. Free Reports Anyone
  140. Swan song
  141. My new house
  142. Market Conditions
  143. Vampiers!
  144. Think you have fast hands?
  145. Do you work Saturdays OR How late can you stay?
  146. Scary Stuff you find out there
  147. New electrical panel for sale
  148. Client ask stupid question
  149. Client Makes Best Statement This Year
  150. Advice Needed
  151. Looks like no referals from this agent or agency
  152. Does he think I'm deaf???
  153. Unclear on concept
  154. Frustrated with Real Estate Agents not paying attention to what they are showing!
  155. The elusive gas meter
  156. Odd find yesterday
  157. Well, shut the front door. Please!
  158. Had a Realtor Pitch His "Pay to Play" Program to Me
  159. Going to take a break!
  160. Milestone
  161. Lack of sliding banister a structural flaw
  162. useless posts
  163. California engineering fraud ...
  164. Strange turn of events
  165. Just for fun ---- saw this on an inspection yesterday
  166. Fun with spammers
  167. Go-back charge for buyer no-show?
  168. Out for 6-12 weeks.... Vacation time
  169. Need some ideas for radio show
  170. William (Bill) Siegel, a long time home inspector in Florida, has unexpectedly passed
  171. Holes in garage/laundry common wall
  172. Ligjtnimg storms, a question:
  173. Builder Rep Tells Me How I Can Use My Flashlight
  174. TIMBERRRRRRR!!!!!!
  175. I just don't understand some people
  176. Joe Nernberg
  177. Seller Liability Form ?