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05-30-2007, 07:22 AM

Bob Harper
05-30-2007, 10:13 AM
The first appears to be cobbled out of scrap metal and not the listed storm collar. The second does.

As with all factory built fireplaces and components, your answers lie within the listed instructions. When setting up appts. if you ask ahead of time regarding the presence of factory built fireplaces, gas logs, or other appliances, you can inform them you will be in a better position to inspect them properly. That way, when things like this come up, either you have your answers at your finger tips or you state in your report manuals were requested prior to inspection but not made available at the time of inspection, therefore you cannot comment on whether or not something is appropriate such as these installations.

FYI, some other things to note would be the mfrs. requirement for the min. amt. of pipe that must project through the chase top, if a gap must exist at the storm collar or not, if the chase flashing must be ventilated or not, and which terminations are listed for use with this appliance. If these terminations do not appear in the listed instructions, you should call them out and put the burden back on the installer and mfr.. Same for the shroud.

For instance, Heatilator sells a shroud kit for field construction of shrouds. It comes with the instructions, legs, and listing label. As long as you follow the instructions on that insert sheet and the main installation instructions, you have a listed installation. However, you must note in order to use their round termination inside that shroud, you would need to use the one that is round but vents out the top instead of the sides. This is a listing requirement. Even though the round top is listed with the fireplace, due to its horizontal discharge, it builds up too much heat inside shrouds.

Bob Harper
06-02-2007, 04:00 PM
roofs generally don't leak unless you put holes in them. Same for metal chase covers. Yes, the day is coming when this will eventually leak. I usually get a call for a mysterious water pinging sound as drops from the screws fall onto the firestop of top of Fp. If you must install a shroud, the best way is to fabricate it with the legs overlapping the corners and screwed in from the sides.

Listed shrouds may be legal but that doesn't make them a good idea. Shrouds make great wildlife refuges. Improper shrouds can trap heat and burn off the top of the chase.