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Jim Luttrall
05-29-2009, 03:52 PM
I just broke down and bought a Little Giant MT-26. I had put off buying one because of the weight and the length when folded requires me to carry it on the roof rack out in the elements. But I was able to access a roof the same afternoon that my Werner would not have reached.
It is a good ladder that feels more solid than the 4' shorter Werner in full extension. It also seems to work a little smoother (but the Werner is over 3 years old.)
Two drawbacks are 1) It is heavy (although a few pounds lighter than the Werner counterpart) and 2) it is hard to handle due to it's height.
I will be keeping it on the truck for now, but it will remain there unless it is needed for the extra 4' of height.
When I saw that the LG was 54 lbs vs Werner @ 62.6 and noticed the LG was made in the USA and Werner was made in China, I sprang for the extra $120.

Little Giant Ladder System | Type 1A Little Giant Ladder (http://www.littlegiantladder.com/little-giant/type-1a.html)

Jerry Peck
05-29-2009, 04:46 PM

I've had my 26' Little Giant for probably 10+ years.

Yes, you will not use it much, until you need it, because of its weight. Of course, I needed it on many of the houses I did the last 4 years I was in business, but hey, it let me on those roofs.

You will want to add what I did to make it easier to raise to height:
- get a straight truss tie-down strap of (I forgot the length needed) length
- get a pulley which will accept a 3/8" or larger (but not much larger) rope
- wrap the strap around the top rung and bend it over so the pulley is between the ends of the strap
- drill through the strap so it has holes large enough to accept a bolt the size for the inside the pulley shaft, install bolt, and tighten it together
- buy a long enough 3/8" nylon rope (forgot how long mine is) to tie off to the bottom run, run up and over the pulley are the top run, then back down and tie off where you can grab the rope

To extend, unfold the ladder, then raise like a regular extension ladder, grasping the side rail with one hand as a lock and allowing you to re-grasp the rope and pull higher. That will allow you to extend the ladder to all but one rung (because the rope is tied to the bottom rung and it will not go past the pulley).

When lowering the ladder, repeat above.

When folding the ladder, lower it to the ground on edge (already collapsed down from extension) and pop the hinge locks, lay it over on the ground and pull up at the hinge rung, and the ladder will stand right up as an 'A frame' ladder, ready for you to finish folding it tight.

If you try to fold it with it sticking straight up, be ready to catch a HEAVY weight coming at you pretty dang fast --- and it hurts (been there, done that).

Added with edit: I forgot, tie a knot in the rope at the height which is convenient for you to grab the rope, the knot will keep you hand from slipping when pulling on the rope and extending or lowering the ladder.

Added again: Oh, yeah, tie the rope to each bottom rung, but only tie the knot on one side, that will be your 'operating' side to raise from. My 26 footer is hanging from my garage ceiling along with my 17 footer, the garage door just clears them when it opens.