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JD Johnson
07-13-2009, 04:32 AM
Hey - can anyone tell me how to change the setting in InspectVue to eliminate the software from asking 'Save to Master Library' every time I modify a narrative (on the PC)? I recently reinstalled the program on a PC that had crashed and cannot find the way to over ride that setting and, with all the issues and lack of development at InspectVue, I didn't renew my annual support subscription.

Thanks to anyone who can help. Be safe out there!

Ron Bibler
07-13-2009, 07:09 AM
That is a pain in the %&^. It pops up like that everytime...
But I can't help with that. I just stop using inspectvue. and started using MSword and my own library. This has cut my report time in half.

Good luck with that.



Marc M
07-19-2009, 06:39 PM
Yes...find a trash can, then insert.

JD Johnson
07-20-2009, 04:36 AM
I figured this one out by myself, through hours of looking in all the option menus and Library Editor. If you care, in Report Writer, there is a small check box above the highlighted narrative comment...where you edit the comment (on the same line as the "Auto Spell Check" option). Unchecking that box will eliminate the perpetual question.

07-20-2009, 06:04 AM
Inspectvue will not respond properly and will do some silly things IF you don't pay for support.. I had this.. people I know have had this happen. You should keep the editor and the report writer icons on you desk top .Every thing you change in the editor will be permanent changes. If you take some time to familarize your self you will see lots of feature's maybe you want to turn them off or on. Most of the library is editor changes , but report bells and whistles use the report writer .Since Lorne left its been scary he had a fix for any problem you would experience some new people have bought it now . Remember if you make changes they can't be saved unless you save them.

Marc M
07-24-2009, 10:21 PM
Yes...find a trash can, then insert.

I still like my answer.
I'm just wondering what kind of a return the new owners are getting for their investment.