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Paul Kondzich
04-01-2007, 02:36 PM
Is there a good publication for ages of appliances specifically furnaces and water heaters.

Brian Hannigan
04-01-2007, 06:10 PM
Age of Water Heater FAQ (http://www.heat-water.com/FAQ's/Age.htm#state)

State Industries

1st position indicates the MONTH of manufacture
2nd and 3rd position
indicates the
YEAR of manufacture
A =January
B =February
C =March
D =April
E =May
F =June
G =July
H =August
I =September
J =October
K =November
L =December 91 =1991
92 =1992
93 =1993
94 =1994
95 =1995
96 =1996
97 =1997
98 =1998
99 =1999
00 =2000
01 =2001
02 =2002

C = March, 00 = 2000
This serial number indicates this model was built March, 2000.


A.O. Smith

The serial number is alpha numeric (has letters & numbers). The first letter determines the plant where the water heater was manufactured. The second letter represents the month**.
There will be a combination of numbers following the first two letters. This number is the year the heater was manufactured. For example:
MB951234567-232 was manufactured in February of 1995.
GK940012345-915 was manufactured in October of 1994.

A = January E = May J = September
B = February F = June K = October
C = March G = July L = November
D = April H = August M = December


The first four numbers tell you the age of the water heater. The first two numbers are the month and the next two are the year it was manufactured. In this example this water heater was manufactured in April of 1997.


Bradford White

1st Letter is the Year of Manufacture
A = 1984
F = 1989 L = 1994 T = 1999
B = 1985 G = 1990 M = 1995 W = 2000
C = 1986 H = 1991 N = 1996 X = 2001
D = 1987 J = 1992 P = 1997 Y =- 2002
E = 1988 K = 1993 S = 1998 Z = 2003

2nd Letter is the Month of Manufacture
A = January E = May J = September
B = Feburary F = June K = October
C = March G = July L = November
D = April H = August M = December


The first two numbers are the year it was manufactured and the second two number are the week within that year that it was manufactured.
For example, if the first 4 digits of the serial numberare 9932, then it was manufactured in the 32 week of 1999.

I got this info from:
Age of Water Heater FAQ (http://www.heat-water.com/FAQ's/Age.htm#state)

Tim Moreira
04-01-2007, 10:00 PM

I can tell you that I have had Preston's Guide for the last 8 months and I have yet to find a reliable answer to anyone's questions on this board using it.

I am very disappointed in Preston's. I'm not saying it is not useful, just that it has not been very useful to me since I've had it. Maybe combined with Carlson's Dunlop (sp) they may make a great team.

I will be buying Carlson's in the near future as soon as I do a few more inspections to pay for it along with all the other toys I want to buy. :)

Jim Gecz
04-03-2007, 06:59 PM
I use Carson Dunlops’ Technical Reference Guide $99 with shipping

Has all the water heater info Brian just posted, plus plenty more on heating and cooling systems.