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Brian Hannigan
07-05-2007, 12:37 AM
Tip 8: Posting a new message or reply

I have overlook adding a tip for the most important part of using the InspectionNews Message Board, posting a new message/thread or replying to a current message/thread.

Posting a new message: If you would like to start a new message/thread then do the following.

Start on the Message Board home page (http://inspectionnews.net/home_inspection)
Go to (click on) the appropriate category for the message you would like to post (ie. Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, etc.).
Near the top and/or bottom of the other threads look for the http://www.inspectionnews.net/home_inspection/images/ca_evo/buttons/newthread.gif icon and click on it.
Enter in a descriptive Title for your new thread.
Type in your message.
Hit "Submit New Thread"Posting a reply to a current thread: If you would like to post a reply to a current thread then do the following.

After the last message posted in the thread that you would like to reply to click on the http://www.inspectionnews.net/home_inspection/images/ca_evo/buttons/reply.gif icon.
Enter your message and click "Submit Reply"For additional information on how to use the InspectionNews Message Board look in the "Help" (http://www.inspectionnews.net/home_inspection/h-e-l-p/) section (especially the first post "Sticky: Tips For Using The Message Board (http://www.inspectionnews.net/home_inspection/h-e-l-p/229-tips-using-message-board.html)"

or read the FAQ's (http://www.inspectionnews.net/home_inspection/faq.php)