View Full Version : Local Houston Radio Guy Calls HIs "Idiots"

imported_John Smith
07-07-2007, 07:44 AM
I was listening to Tom Tynan on 610 in Houston this morning where he referred to home inspectors as idiots. Its a shame that some guy on the radio can discredit a group in front of an audience without giving someone a chance to respond.

Im going to listen to some of the more professional home show guys from now on.

The reference to "idiots" was the response to a callers question that referenced a home inspector who pointed out the lack of weep holes over a brick veneer window opening. Big Toms response was that the window opening has a steel lintel over it, therefore it doesnt need weep holes

Thom Walker
07-07-2007, 07:59 AM
I'm gradually learning to respond every time some Jackass says something really politically unsuppotable or just plain out offensive. I'd suggest that you send him the support for your argument and challenge him to broadcast his apology on air. He won't, but then when you publish your editorial comment in the chronicle, others will see that he is all air.


imported_John Smith
07-08-2007, 08:32 AM
I agree Thom. I get frustrated when folks make generic statements like that. Problem is the folks listening to this radio show could consult with home inspectors and get the right answers to their questions. Of course, we wouldnt do it for free.....

I will call the radio station and a couple of sponsors to complain.

I guess this "homebuilder" doesn't adhere to any code of ethics like TREC requires us to do.

TREC Rule 535.220
f) The inspector should make a reasonable attempt to cooperate with other professionals and related tradespersons at all times and in all manners in a method that is conducive to the promotion of professionalism, independence and fairness to himself, his business, and the inspection industry.

Jim Luttrall
07-08-2007, 11:15 AM
Too bad, I have listened to this guy on several occasions and he seems pretty knowledgeable, only wrong a small percentage of the time that I have caught. He does share his opinions pretty freely without any reference, but then again so do I, and it is his show.
I would be interested in the exact quote and context.

imported_John Smith
07-08-2007, 05:37 PM
Jim, the exact quote is available via podcast from The Homeshow Online (http://www.homeshowonline.net). Show was aired on Saturday July 07, 2007. Time was about 09:00 I think.

I have listened to the show for several years. I have heard him make reference to HIs in the past in less than flattering terms. But this time it really struck a nerve when he said all home inspectors are idiots. Im trying to provide a quality service to people that dont have a lot of knowledge about home construction. This guy has access to many more people than I do through his radio show.
Making statements like all post tensioned slabs are junk is just plain bad advice.
They arent all junk. I dont see all houses with post tensioned slabs falling down around Houston. Some are bad yes. But not all of them.

If you get a chance, listen to Byron Parfree with the Builders Academy. He's pro-home inspector and in my opinion offers better advice and is much more entertaining. Builder's Academy - Learn Before You Build or Buy (http://www.buildersacademy.com)

imported_John Smith
07-08-2007, 05:48 PM
Reference to weep holes from the brick industry association web site.

Steel Lintels. Through-wall flashing should be installed over all openings including door and window heads as shown in Figure 14. An exception may be those completely protected by overhangs. The flashing should be placed on a thin bed of mortar directly on top of the lintels and turned up at the ends to form dams. Figure 15 shows several examples of lintels. Weeps are recommended above all lintels which require flashing.

Web site http://www.bia.org/bia/technotes/TN7.pdf

K Robertson
07-10-2007, 12:20 PM
This is all I could find on transcrips from his show regarding this topic:

Q:An Inspection Report for a home (3yrs old) that my son purchased included an item that suggested he drill holes in the mortar joints along the top of the windows between the brick and metal support for the birck along the top of the window. I thought the metal support was angle iron (had 1 to 2 inch lip that adds structural support) rather that a flat strip of metal. Is it necessary to drill the holes for ventilation along the top of the windows if there are already weep hole along the slab? Thanks in advance. Always enjoy your show and the Right Angle.A:Your building inspector is misinformed. You are right in thinking that the angle iron goes up the back of the brick. You should never drill holes in the brick above the window. That would make absolutely no sense.

Ron Dawes
07-10-2007, 01:08 PM
I believe that he is right, that drilling holes helter-skelter will likely do more harm than good. The weep holes should have been installed as part of a proper flashing system for the window in the beginning.

imported_John Smith
07-10-2007, 05:40 PM
Thats not the right quote from the show I was listening to. I didnt see it listed on my Itunes podcasts yet. I will check later and put the exact quote on line.

I know what I heard, I dont believe they would edit the podcasts, but who knows.
I will check later and put the exact quote on line. I may even be able to attach it to my post as a .wav file so everyone can hear it.

imported_John Smith
07-10-2007, 06:38 PM
Listened to the podcasts on Itunes dated July 7th 2007. They were all from a different radio station than TXU Toms local in Houston (Sports Radio 610). I will personally call the show next week and ask him about it. I would love to debate his radio show opinion of HIs, especially when one of the advertisers in his magazine is an HI.