View Full Version : Anyone need an affordable thermal imaging camera?

Randy Hooser
04-12-2011, 02:04 PM
I've got a used, good condition FLIR Extech i5 that retails for $1595, and I'm letting it go for just $595. I won't put a description here. You can Google it for the specs.

The last time I turned it on it was functioning normally, but the battery is now dead. I can't find the charger, and a new one costs around $150. I don't need another thermal imaging camera, so I don't want to spend $150 on a charger. It's only the camera, and the 512 MB microSD card that is inside. No other accessories. Any desired accessories can be purchased online.

Again, this retails for $1595, which as you all know is on the low end of the price spectrum in the thermal imaging market. I tried to price it very attractively so that you can get into thermal imaging at the lowest possible cost and I can still get a fair deal for it. After you buy the charger, you'll have invested only half of the full retail price.

For those of you who want to get into the pros and cons of cameras and inevitably tell me that this camera isn't the greatest one out there, I'm aware of that. But for someone who wants to have one and doesn't want to or can't spend thousands on a better one, this is a good start.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Randy Hooser
04-12-2011, 02:07 PM
Sorry...I just realized that I probably should have posted this in the Tools & Equipment section.

Rick Cantrell
04-12-2011, 02:26 PM
"Sorry...I just realized that I probably should have posted this in the Tools & Equipment section."

Or better yet, the Lost and Found.

Robert Duell
06-14-2011, 02:40 PM
I would like to know if this camera is still available
thank You

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Robert Duell