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Marvin Haire
06-14-2011, 09:49 PM
My home has a Goodman A/C system that worked well. My annual service for repairs stated that it was leaking from the A Coil ALMOST 5 years ago and the went to GOODMAN and got a new one(B66A8X421) with a 5 Year warranty on 6/8/2006. Note: I stopped using this big service company because I was TOLD I needed a new system after they had problems installing the A Coil. Several weeks ago my new guys came because I had 89 degrees and lots of water inside on the floor. They saw where I "may" have a leak but thought to fill it first and we would see later. ON 5 April 2011 it was burning up in our home and they came out and we saw it was in need of more F22. We checked and found the leak in the A Coil. I pulled the papers and gave it to them to call GOODMAN. Researching the Model/Serial it was a 2003 A Coil (I had paid $1530 in 2006) That would not be replaced or anything. Reason: The 5 years were from the date it was manufactured and NOT the date it was installed in my home. My receipt states 5 Years from 6/8/2006. How does any customer know when an item is manufactured when a REPUTABLE Company tells you it is brand new. "THIS DOG HUNTS and I know you can not put something in writing and then say it was ADP and the Bencnmark when you state it was GOODMAN. They all carry/carried a 5 year or more warranty....But it is the Company that stated and put in writing 5 years....I think I need an Attorny because I asked the question about the warranty to all concerned and was told it was all in effect. This old military man could use some help in Prayer.


Jack Feldmann
06-15-2011, 05:10 AM
Was there a question in there somewhere????

Marvin Haire
06-15-2011, 02:03 PM
Sorry Mr Feldman... My question is ....Is this fair and legal to do this to a customer? Shouldn't the A/C Company own up to what they put in the contract and NOT tell the customer that it was a 2003 AC Coil that they sold and installed and warranteed for 5 years but will NOT stand by what they wrote--because it should have been a 2006 Coil? That just DOES NOT MAKE SENSE to me..... Is it FAIR and Correct? Do I have recorse as a paying customer? Or should I just do what some others do and give the company a BAD NAME for not standing by their warranty? I know that the compamy should TREAT ME FAIR...They broke he box the A/C Coil went into and now this (all in there writting)

My Question to those IN THE KNOW is what should I do?

Marvin Haire

06-15-2011, 02:15 PM
I went through the almost same situation with a different product. I had luck calling my state attorney general. I know there is a law about the warranty from install but I dont know what it is anymore. I stated to law and # to the company and they took care of it right away. Alot of companies say no baking on the fact you wont fight them and they also get another 1500 dollars. Also tell them you have a big mouth and you will share your experience with the bbb and angies list and whoever will listen. And you will not ever forget about your experience. That changes companies minds sometimes. good luck

H.G. Watson, Sr.
06-15-2011, 02:32 PM
Generally, when a componant of a packaged unit or appliance; or an entire whole appliance is replaced by the manufacturer and/or installer under the original manufacturer's warranty, the replacement appliance or componant, is warranted only to the end of the original equipment (that failed)'s remaining warranty (from date on proof of purchase, to the limitation or exclusion of what the warranty states), the installation/labor portion for the replacment installation to whatever is applicable.

IOW, and for example: if the original coil, compressor, split AC; whatever; had a five year warranty; was 2 years old when the replacement coil, compressor, whatever was provided under warranty by the manufacturer; the replacement coil, compressor, whole appliance package, whatever, AC; would only be covered for the remaining 3 yrs of the original equipment's manufacturer's warranty. Generally, the clock on a warranty doesn't re-set on the newly installed componant supplied under original warranty of original equipment.

IIRC Goodman requires purchased componants to be registered with THEM within 30 or 60 days of installation by the Home owner, for the limited warranty to be applicable, otherwise defaults to mfg. date, if any limited warranty or other parts warranty was available.

Maryland may be different, some states have restrictions as to what can be excluded, limited, etc. Many OEMs exclude such equipment purchased "on line", acquired from other than "authorized resellers or dealers, or other than "authorized/licensed HVAC contractors", etc., DIY installed, installed by other than "authorized" or "factory trained" representatives, etc. By and large, many OEMs further restrict their residential equipment warranty periods for non-owner occupied residences, and many limit warranty to the original purchaser/home owner of the equipment (non-transferrable, or only transferrable with a fee and registration timely to the transfer of the home).

A leak, low refrigerant level 5 years+ hence a warranty replacement of same, of a 6-8 years prior purchase? First time having been professionally checked or serviced since warranty work? :rolleyes:

Perhaps your April 2011 company isn't an authorized Goodman rep. Something not quite making sense you "paid" for a warranty replacement coil, but by the time you're posting here its even beyond five years since that installation (6/8/2006)?

Its a confusing tale as you tell it (somebody 'broke' the "box"??). If you didn't register the replacment coil (if you purchased it) within the required time period following installation date, you very well may have foregone any "from installation date" warranty start period.

Seems the problem may have been two-fold. If the problem was with the labor/installation - and that's what you had to pay for back then, the company who did that work wasn't giving you a five year labor warranty. Its now five years since the coil was installed, assuming you had to pay for it (the coil itself) at that time - it may not have been from an authorized rep - otherwise I suspect if the coil itself was defective (not an installation problem, or failure to maintain/operate issue, or some other damage issue) it might have been covered (limited amount, part only) again if an authorized rep determined same, within the warranty period - and - to the original purchaser.

Perhaps if you contact the company yourself, and with the clear and complete history, documentation, and proof of purchase; proof of warranty registration, etc. and an "authorized" rep's opinion of the problem, *might* help with the part cost.

06-15-2011, 03:04 PM
What I believe he is saying is the replacement part he had paid for, which came with a 5 year warranty. If he paid for the part and was given a 5 year warranty then they should honor. He stated they would not warranty it because it was manufactured, not installed, more than 5 years ago. That is like saying that I bought a starter for my car with a 1 year warranty, then the next day it goes out. Now they dont have to honor it because it was manufactured over a year ago. Or because my car is out of warranty.

H.G. Watson, Sr.
06-15-2011, 03:21 PM
Registration of componant within time period required following installation. See (clickable link): Goodman > HomeOld > Warranty (http://www.goodmanmfg.com/home/warranty/tabid/194/default.aspx)

Internet Sales/Purchases Void Warranty. See (clickable link): Internet Sales Void Warranty (http://www.goodmanmfg.com/HomeOld/Warranty/InternetSalesVoidWarranty/tabid/594/Default.aspx)

"Subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable limited warranty, more information can be obtained by contacting Customer Relations at 1-877-254-4729. When contacting Customer Relations, please have your product serial number and model number available." See: Goodman Internet (http://partner.goodmanmfg.com/goodman/warLookup/pages/requestFormPCPage.jsp)

06-15-2011, 03:30 PM
Hmm I wonder if it was registered good point. I am not positive if he installed it or had it done.