View Full Version : Sub Panel Grounding

Bradford King
07-20-2011, 09:12 PM
I am building a shed that is 30 feet from the house but 100 feet from the main service panel, but I plan to run electricity. I would like a 100 AMP subpanel and have done research but still have a question or two. I know that the subpanel must separate the neutral and the ground and only the ground bus needs to be bonded to the subpanel. I have driven two 8 foot ground rods and will connect this to my subpanel by #6 copper wire. This will satisfy the grounding of my shed as it is a separate building not connected to the house. I have considered 2-2-2-4 aluminum SEC cable to run through my crawl space then burying it between the house and the shed versus running #4 copper from my service panel through the crawl space and burying it in conduit. My dilemma is that if I decide on the copper (I know it is much more expensive but bear with me) I can only purchase individual #4 copper and not as part of 3 or 4 cable product from my local Loews. I have looked online and a few manufacturers offer a Romex 4 cable I believe 4-4-4-6. They also offer a 3 cable 4-4-4 copper cable. If I purchase the individual #4 and get three lengths of it (2 hot and a neutral conductor), do I also need a # 6 ground from my main service panel or does my ground at the shed do that job for me?