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Nolan Kienitz
01-10-2012, 02:40 PM
I've been searching the FHA/HUD site and may be simply looking past what I'm looking for, but still can't find an answer to the question below:

With respect to the HUD-52580 form ... where does it specifically state (FHA-HUD site) who is "required" to fill out and sign the form?

I've seen comments on various appraisers forums indicating they would not touch it as it is an 'inspectors' item.

Yet, I can't find a "precise" requirement at FHA-HUD of who is "required" to sign the form.

What is driving this is I was told today that various organizations working on the related Section 8 projects are not having "any" inspector (state licensed, FHA Fee Inspector certified or HUD 203k certified, etc., etc..) fill out and sign the form.

They are just using a staffer who is processing paperwork to fill out the form as best as possible, sign in and bundle with paperwork for the project's file.

So ... if anyone has better eyes or search luck than me and could provide me with a link for the "signing requirement" I would certainly appreciate it.

I have all the necessary certifications for FHA, HUD 203k, ICC, TX TREC and on and on so it is not an issue (as such) for me ... I'm just trying to help the organizations keep out of trouble.

Thanks in advance.

Garry Sorrells
01-11-2012, 05:48 AM
Found your question interesting. Though I think the answer may be in the the dispersing agency. Who is authorizing and disbursing the voucher for the tenant ? They would be the person to call. Since they accept or reject all of the paperwork for each Section 8 applicant. At least here in Maryland.

This I think would be considered fraud by the organization and the staffer would be criminally libel.

"...They are just using a staffer who is processing paperwork to fill out the form as best as possible, sign in and bundle with paperwork for the project's file. ..."

What type of " ... organizations working on the related Section 8 projects ..." are these?

Garry Sorrells
01-11-2012, 06:40 AM
Became a little curious in your question.


How are Housing Quality Standards enforced?
HQS inspections are conducted by PHA staff and contractors to ensure that potential and current HCV housing units meet the minimum performance and acceptability criteria for each of the 13 key housing quality aspects.

What regulations cover Housing Quality Standards?
Regulations are found at 24 CFR 982.

Chapter 8
[24 CFR 982 Subpart I and 24 CFR 982.507]

Is your question what/who constitutes "contractors" ?

Galen L. Beasley
01-11-2012, 07:48 AM
The HUD-52580 inspection forms do not require an inspectors signature but do need to indicate who did the actual physical inspection. This could be PHA staff or a contract inspector. If someone is completing this inspection form without a physical inspection being conducted, this would be falsifying these documents.

Nolan Kienitz
01-11-2012, 06:48 PM
Habitat for Humanity is involved as well as a couple of different suburban AHJs North and Northeast of Dallas.

The folks from the local cities in the surrounding communities have told Habitat for Humanity that their staffers (whomever they are) just check off the boxes and include the forms in the packages.

From that information I would suggest the local muni folks don't give a rat's patoot.

Nolan Kienitz
01-11-2012, 06:55 PM
Bottom line is:

Who is "authorized" to sign the form that is produced by FHA/HUD?

It does not seem to appear that FHA/HUD specifically states WHO can sign the form.

One would "guess" that an FHA Fee inspector would be the minimum requirement or a local 'city' inspector or even a local 'state-licensed' inspector (if the state requires licensing that is).

As I noted from what I saw on the appraiser's forums they (pretty much without question) said it was in the realm of needing an FHA Fee inspector to fill out and/or sign the form.

As I just posted ... many local municipalities near Dallas are simply having a staffer (desk person pushing paperwork) check off the boxes and sign and include the form with the overall package.

Now ... should there be an audit ... that would paint a whole new picture I'm sure.

Oh well ... it is what it is.

Garry Sorrells
01-12-2012, 04:35 AM
And the sad part is that the inspection is to provide confidence that property is safe and clean, even if the new tenants are not. Another fine example of creating a layer of big brother government that fails to perform.