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Jerry McCarthy
08-31-2007, 10:42 AM
Thought this info interesting?
(PAC 10 looking good)

Most NCAA Championships
1. UCLA: 100
2. Stanford: 94
3. Southern California: 84
4. Oklahoma State: 48
5. Arkansas: 43
6. LSU: 40
7. Texas: 39
8. Michigan: 32
8. North Carolina: 32
8. Penn State: 32

Men’s Sports:
1. Southern California: 73
2. UCLA: 70
3. Stanford: 58
4. Oklahoma State: 48
5. Arkansas: 43
6. Michigan: 30
7. Yale: 25
8. California: 23
8. Indiana: 23
10. Iowa: 21
10. UTEP: 21
10. Wisconsin: 21

Women’s Sports
1. Stanford: 36
2. UCLA: 30
3. LSU: 24
4. North Carolina: 23
5. Texas: 22
6. Georgia: 16
7. Maryland: 15
8. Arizona: 11
8. Southern California: 11
9. Old Dominion: 10

Jack Feldmann
08-31-2007, 06:07 PM
Looking at just women's basketball, I think the Pac10 is pretty low.

I guess tomorrow we will see how the Pac10 does against the SEC. Don't know how well we will do. Ainge broke his finger this week, so who knows. Of course the first game is always fun to see how much work they need to do when it really counts.

Jerry McCarthy
08-31-2007, 06:35 PM
It's hard for me to believe that a former Golden Bear, or at the very least a Trojan or Bruin has turned into a Volunteer? Tomorrow will at least tell part of the story? :confused:

Jack Feldmann
09-01-2007, 11:22 AM
I was a Bruin fan. My favorite team was ANYONE that played USC. However, it is very hard living in the south (TN especially) and NOT be an SEC fan. It is almost impossible to live in Knoxville and NOT be a Vol fan.

They don't sell out 106,000 seats for every home game because people don't take their Vols seriously. It is amazing to be around here in football season. ON Friday before game day, pretty much everyone is wearing their orange, and flying their stupid flags on their cars. Game day, we try to stay far away from downtown, or try to go to dinner out just after the game.

I am a huge women's basketball fan. Again, very hard to live in Pat Summit territory and not catch the fever. They probably average 6,000 per game for normal, and maybe 15,000 for UCONN.

Game should be good!

By the way, looking forward to working on that project together, should be fun.

Jerry McCarthy
09-01-2007, 02:26 PM
Working together......me too.
BTW, speaking of basketball John Wooden is my hero. His famous quote; "Sports Do Not Build Character...They Reveal It." is one of my all time favorites.