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Dan Harris
04-16-2012, 08:15 AM
A side post from the other garage door opener topic.
Over the years I've found apx 70% of the openers I've tested , with a 2X4 did not return..[ a few of them did retract by testing by hand ] A large percentage of them were on new homes. The usual response I've heard on that was, the opener was installed before there was power to the home.

Feed back from past customers, I've had one comment they had a cat killed after getting trapped, and 5 or 6 state they had damage to their cars due to the coming down on the car that was not all of the way in the garage.
Both of these could of happened with an opener adusted to mfg specs.

From my feedback from past customers , and not to downplay the importance of properly testing the opener per the mfg requirments, it appears the safety may also be with functioning and properly located eye beams.

Googling this topic, most if not all of the links are for garage door company/ manufactures are about opener safetry and adjustment recommendations, and lawyers.

Thomas McKay
04-16-2012, 09:12 AM
I believe there are still many automatic garage door openers without the safety reversing feature still in use. When its a code issue and doesn't work of course it must be called out. If it is installed according to original codes which did not require the reversing feature then I always recommend using caution when closing the garage door and eventual replacement. Over the years I see fewer older automatic openers and more of the modern ones with the electric eyes. They need to be tested and be sure the electric eyes are mounted correctly. Don't test any of them with your foot! :eek:

Garry Sorrells
04-17-2012, 03:56 AM
Most home owners pay little to no attention to their garage doors and their operation.
If if goes up and then comes down their satisfied.

Kids and cats seem to be the real test. But the car is the one they worry most about.

Most home owners have no idea even what they should look for in the door operations.