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Neavrae Gibson
09-17-2007, 08:34 PM
Im want to start up my inspection business but dont really know how much I should have to start it. I was looking at Bizfiling.com for my "corpate shield", is that a good idea? I have all my material except a ladder. So how much Im I looking at?

Matt Fellman
09-17-2007, 09:39 PM
Pretty open ended question... I can tell you a ladder is probably the cheapest thing you have to worry about.

Check out your local comminity college for classes about the industry. Most will offer a 9 week course that explains a lot.

Starting a home inspection business is more than can be answered on an internet forum. If you're looking for a number I'd say at least 25K to get started and through your first year. Don't plan on any profit for the next few years or more. Keep in mind the possibility of putting more money in over those years (or look at it as your business losing money)... My numbers are really just a total estimate... It depends a lot on your area, your marketing skill and ability, your techinal skill and ability, the size of company you want to own/run, the type (corp, LLC, sole prop.) and overall trends in the market.

This industry looks attractive from the outside but it's grown/changed a lot in the 10-15 years or so. There's a lot of competition and the 'bar' is always getting higher... meaning if you don't have everything figured out, the next guy does.

Best of luck...