View Full Version : Warning: PaRR still up to their old tricks

09-11-2012, 06:52 PM
Just a word of warning for those registered (or thinking of registering) with PaRR for FEMA/disaster inspections....

This current deployment for Isaac in LA was a complete FUBAr a 100% follows PaRR's trend of sending WAY WAY WAY too many inspectors to an area.

The majority of inspectors that went to LA this time were brand new. The "training" was cut to 2 hours and was done by someone "attempting" to teach their first class. It was a nightmare where no one got any real information to know what they were doing.

(I am purposely leaving out names).

It took 2 days (on contractor's dime) simply to get the gear and get sent out. IMMEDIATELY there was no work other than the initial download.

HUNDREDS of inspectors were sent from all parts of the US to LA in order to do 10-12 inspections and then be sent home.

This was not the first days of the activation, this was 6 days into it when PaRR would BE FULLY AWARE they are not getting any new work. Inspectors heard the following excuses from PaRR associates....

* FEMA has a tech issue and the jobs will roll out soon
* PaRR has tech issues that is delaying work, you will got a ton of work soon
* We will move you very soon to areas where we have a ton of new work
(Until inspectors were sent home they were never once told the truth that there was no new work coming from FEMA, 9/10/12 was the first day anyone from PaRR EVER said there was no working coming from FEMA)

Also, it took 3-5 days ON SITE for team leads to get in contact with new inspectors. These new inspectors were sent into disaster areas and told to do inspections with no one to help them. They were told to call the main office if they needed help but the associates there were unhelpful and questioning why field inspectors were calling the main office... they also provided multiple wrong answers. At the same time, PaRR is deducting from contractor pay for errors even though these brand new inspectors had no one to help them in the field. PaRR withheld phone numbers for anyone other than the main office to prevent inspectors from "overwhelming" the lead coordinators in the area.

On top of all this PaRR WAS STILL DEPLOYING new inspectors as the majority of inspectors were being recalled to go home.

This is just another case of PaRR abusing new inspectors so they get the initial flood of inspections done and look good in the face of FEMA.

The majority of new inspectors that went to LA either broke even or are actually out of pocket to go there.

Yes, it is part of "the game" that this can happen, but PaRR is not a rookie company. They have been dispatched to enough places over the years that they know how many inspectors they need to handle the work. It is nothing less than abusing their contractors and using them to meet their own goals.

Do yourself a favor.... if PaRR calls you just say no. Then go buy a lottery ticket at the local gas station. Your chances of making money are far better with that lottery ticket.

These "old timer" PaRR inspectors need to stop making people think they have any chance of making money with PaRR. IT IS A SCAM, contractors are used and abused so that PaRR can look up to daddy FEMA and say "look how good I did".

PaRR does not care if you don;t make money. The only people they will make sure makes money are the old inspectors that have been with them for 10+ years that are all buddy-buddy and they will damn sure screw you over to make their money.

There is far too little info about PaRR's scams around the internet. My hope is that when people look up info about PaRR they can at least find this and be warned.