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john L.jorge
01-13-2013, 04:59 PM
I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about joining internachi. I wanted to know how similar they would be to ashi/nahi organizations. Has anyone taken there online exam?? It says you can pass it,you get free membership or pay $500.00 a year.I cant understand that. If anyone has dealt with them and knows how they work, please let me know.Thanks

01-13-2013, 05:13 PM

i,m sure you will get many answers to this i will wait to pipe in--PLAYOFFS--ONLINE--PLAYOFFS


Trent Tarter
01-13-2013, 06:12 PM
I would strongly suggest looking at ASHI or NAHI if you're wanting to become a member of a HI Association. For the most part ASHI is the most recognized and respected HI Association. I would check to see if one of them has a local chapter in your area or near you.

Raymond Wand
01-13-2013, 06:49 PM
Well I can tell you that Nachi is not a true association in the sense of the word because a real association has bylaws, policies, voting privileges and an elected board of directors, along with an admissions review committee and discipline committee and other committees made up of members.

True associations do not hand out free memberships. Have a proper functional discipline committee which knows how to carry out its duties and due process and proper hearings.

Nachi is also set up to benefit friends of the owners.

You will have no rights in Nachi, that is a fact.

Nachi has none of those where as ASHI does.

While Nachi may have great educational materials thats where the difference stops.

John Kogel
01-14-2013, 02:20 PM
Search for inspectors in your area and figure out which association the more established and respected inspectors belong to. Those are the guys you want to go to meetings with.

Garry Sorrells
01-15-2013, 04:57 AM

i,m sure you will get many answers to this i will wait to pipe in--PLAYOFFS--ONLINE--PLAYOFFS


It is interesting that so few have commented, given the entrenched views that many have.
Possibly recovering from Sunday Football...:cool: The agony of victory and the exhilaration of defeat.

Waiting with bated breath...for the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

Hank Spinnler
01-15-2013, 05:45 AM
It is interesting that so few have commented, given the entrenched views that many have.
Possibly recovering from Sunday Football...:cool: The agony of victory and the exhilaration of defeat.

Waiting with bated breath...for the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

Hi Garry,

There is an ASHI thread right next to this thread so check it out. I was a member of Nachi for a year. Membership fee was $289 up until recently. There were too many people on the message board that did not play well with others. I went to a few training sessions and local meetings when the chapter was thriving. The ASHI message board is not public while Nachi's is. Nachi has a catalog of training videos, promotions and freebees.

Regarding football - GO ATLANTA FALCONS!

Garry Sorrells
01-15-2013, 07:11 AM
Hi Garry,

There were too many people on the message board that did not play well with others

That is a very kind and generous assessment of their forum.

Garry Sorrells
01-15-2013, 10:32 AM
Well Raymond is correct about the structure of InterNachi but it is still beneficial to be one as there is about $50,000 in value

Not bashing what is available with the membership, (caveat) least ways not yet, just question the veracity of of the amount and questioning it as just marketing hyperinflation.

Is that $50,000 value determined in the same manor that the free knife set, $500 value, included with the purchase of the Vegomatic at $19.99 plus s&H ???

Dan Harris
01-15-2013, 10:51 AM
It is interesting that so few have commented, given the entrenched views that many have.
Possibly recovering from Sunda Football.cool: The agony of victory and the exhilaration of defeat.

Waiting with bated breath...for the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

Round 2 coming up :)
John K had the best answer I'll add what ever chapter you choose check how long the inspectors have been in business and find out how long the chapers been around
Theres nothing wrong with hanging out with all new inspectors but you have to decide whats best for your business.

2nd thing. Every thing you do or who you associate youself with can be found on the net by your future customers.
If you believe your customers agree with an owner of an association and it members (by association) that outright lie and slander other inspectors on the web, I can suggest the perfect association

Well gotta go to get some more education and mingle with seven hundred other professional inspectors from the most respected asociation by future and past customers and realtors in the country.

Dan Harris
01-15-2013, 11:19 AM
Well Raymond is correct about the structure of InterNachi but it is still beneficial to be one as there is about $50,000 in value along with recognized Continuing Education both in Canada and the US. I do agree the cost does seem high and the MB does have more than enough idiots on it
Do you learn on the MB YES

Should you try to understand the US guys N0
I have not found any Association yet that perfectly fits the bill.:eek:
Why spend 500.00 to learn something from a message board when you can it all for free from this site?

Ted Menelly
01-15-2013, 12:08 PM
How many inspectors, not affiliates, just inspectors does INTERNACHI have

Garry Sorrells
01-15-2013, 02:20 PM
Not bashing what is available with the membership, (caveat) least ways not yet, just question the veracity of of the amount and questioning it as just marketing hyperinflation.

Is that $50,000 value determined in the same manor that the free knife set, $500 value, included with the purchase of the Vegomatic at $19.99 plus s&H ???

Garry you be the judge
Inspector Membership Benefits - InterNACHI (http://www.nachi.org/benefits.htm)

The point is that Nick and others in the organization tend to stretch the truth if not to the point of flat out lying. Then when confronted about the lye become confrontational and belligerent. So I am skeptical as to the validity of the dollar amount and the veracity of those making the claim. Point being, look at the dollar value assigned with a skeptic eye. They may be putting a value to things that do not have any real value.

Did Lisa or anyone in or outside of the organization ask, suggest or imply in any manor that you respond to posts referencing Nachi in this forum? There has been a noticeable decline in Lisa's posting and at time rantings. Just wondering if you are the new spokesman for Nachi. No problem if that is the fact.

Raymond Wand
01-15-2013, 02:53 PM
I can only comment on what I know to be true from an Ontario point of view as so far as listings of members.

Any member of the public in Ontario under the Corporations Act is permitted to go to the head office of the registered corporation (association) to see the membership registry of the members without share capital.

Since there is no head office for Nachi in Ontario where one can actually go see the membership registry it is dubious of Nachi to infer without tangible proof to suggest there are 1100 members of Nachi in Canada.

An online website is not a defacto registry. So any stats being provided by Nachi and or members is not only deceitful but negligent to be doing so.
Those so called facts can't be scrutinized by anyone for being factual or being portrayed as a legality to say that membership is what it is.

Anyone who doesn't question the repeated bull being pumped out is very naive, and I am being polite.

Stephen G
01-15-2013, 02:57 PM
Internacho has 1100 inspectors in Ontario??????? Where?

Raymond Wand
01-15-2013, 03:26 PM

Rest assured I can tell you that the OAHI find and inspector website is not an defacto registry either.

I also want to correct my earlier statement that members of the public can see the membership registry. That should read "only members" can request to go to head offfice and see a complete and accurate membership list. However I doubt you would be able to do that as a member since there is no head office of Nachi in Ontario. ;)

Stephen G
01-15-2013, 05:10 PM
Stop all this talk about licenses..We don't want or need it...

I have met many licensed tradesmen who should not be practicing in their trade. All it proves is you went to school and took the exam and past it, and the guy who got 71 and 99 are the same...and where does that money go?where? The government.

Why do we keep funding them with more fees....just say no...I pay enough taxes...this money is mine...back off government and those who wish this on our profession.:mad:

Raymond Wand
01-15-2013, 05:15 PM
Lets all hope and pray that our pathological lying premier and his liberal hacks are turfed out of office sometime in the near future and this whole venture derails.

Stephen G
01-15-2013, 05:23 PM
The only people who want it are those who stand to gain from it, and I dont mean the consumer....and yes McG should has to go and take his party with him...

Robert Ernst
01-16-2013, 10:46 PM
I've been a member for a few years now. If I have a question I ask and get a quick reply. If I need help I get it. There is tons of free education. They had all but one requirement for my state CEU's. So I asked if they could develop a class. They did and got it approved by the state. It's only good for Nevada inspectors. This made it so I did not have to take any other classes outside of NACHI. I think it's worth every penny I pay. It is by far the cheapest association compared to the Realtor and Builders ones. It's not perfect and the web site can be a little hard to navigate especially at first. I know in the past if you asked for a free membership you would get one. Doesn't hurt to ask.

Garry Sorrells
01-17-2013, 05:02 AM
Robert, (not bashing only commenting :) )
It is interesting how people repeat what they are told without questioning.. Or possibly they have developed a communal mind set. The reference to Free Education is a bit incorrect. The education is available if you are a member, which requires the payment of a FEE. No Fee no education. Granted there are some things that are available to view without joining, but the vast majority does requirement payment of the membership fee.(now $500 I think).

Therefore, it would be better to state that with the membership there is some educational material available which is included at no additional cost and other at a cost.

I am glad that you feel that you have benefited by the membership, as it should be. If you had no benefit from membership I would hope would not renew that membership. I have only a limited experience with the educational material provided; which may be insufficient for a comprehensive statement on the quality and value of the information contained in the educational offerings. Other benefits that are included, from only an overview, have a range of use and value based on experience, knowledge and background

Like a membership in AAA (Auto. Assoc. of Amer. ) offers towing service as part of that membership. It is an included service with the paid membership, paid for by the membership. It is not that AAA offers free towing , AAA offers towing at no additional charge with the membership. Semantics and splitting hairs possibly, but probably not.

The phrase “ there is no free lunch”(circa mid to late 1800) comes from bars offering sandwiches/food with the purchase of a drink. But, you did have to pay for the drink. No drink then no food. Not free, just included.

Raymond Wand
01-17-2013, 05:19 AM
I know in the past if you asked for a free membership you would get one. Doesn't hurt to ask.

Real associations do not hand out free memberships. Any association wanting to be seen as professional does not hand out free memberships. Such associations are accountable to the members via voting rights and with bylaws and policies and properly functioning committees.

Free memberships cheat those members who have paid full price. The same can be said of CMI as freebies were given out, as I am sure the same scenario with the other designations handed out by Nachi and or its affiliates.

Since Nachi is neither a credentialing authority, nor a professional home inspection association in comparison to other inspection associations which have been accredited by third independent bodies, that only leaves Nachi as an educational tool, which is fine, but lets not delude ourselves into thinking its anything more.

Free membership anyone? ;)

Ted Menelly
01-17-2013, 09:04 AM
Sorry Raymond I can't agree because there is way to much corruption in other Associations so to many it does not matter who you belong too.
Having seen the training from both InterNachi and Carson Dunlop I can say without a doubt that InterNachi has top training and to spend more money then the 500 is not worth the time of day.
However training outside Associations are everywhere and yes a Home Inspector should avail themselves to as many as possible.
Many are taught right on the Internet and add value to being a Home Inspector.
All the Associations not following the same set of rules causes confusion within the Home Inspection Industry.
I feel all Associations should have one price for membership and free continuing education for the members so they are not fleecing the flock.
Now again this is the basics however if someone wants to be better, than that should be set up outside the Associations.
BTW It was well known by Professional Engineers that the courses offered by InterNachi are top notch and the proper way to teach.:D
I do however agree that no one should get a freebee and the training to start advertizing to be a Home Inspector must be at least 500 hrs.
So this is one area I do not Agree with Nachi.

I am not sure what the red highlight means. What might engineers have to do with home inspection courses or home inspections. Maybe learned code folks teaching or stamping approval on a course. An engineers inspection is not a home inspection.

As far as $500.00 a year? I can search and find exactly what I may want or need in the education department with out the redundancy of reading the same thing over and over again. I search for the newest topics. Something I have not taken a class for. I take almost 100% (in class) classes and just a minute amount online. I don't take marketing classes and get hours for them. I actually did once not that long ago and it was my own fault for checking it out more in depth or I would not have taken it.

We in Texas cannot take the same course over and over again or we won't get credit for it.

I do not down folks for belonging to an association. Most of that is camaraderie. Nothing wrong with that. I am licensed. I am insured. I do hold a Texas Professional Home Inspectors License. I do have to take continuing education classes and as I said not the same ones in the last license renewal or no credits. Like many here I have been inspecting for a serious long time. Taken at least a few Home Inspectors courses and countless hours of continuing ed for hours and read extensively on a continuous basis about something to do with a home and its components.

I also belong to an association of sorts that dictates SOPS and ethics. Ever changing SOPs. EVer different changes to the mandated forms we use and they cannot be checklists unless check lists are just built into the forms. It has to be written. This state is well over 400 hours now for hours of a course that is accepted by the state. Proctored tests all the way and a proctored state test at the end. As I said we have to renew our license every 2 years.

That 1000.00 that the folks that belong to an association is divided up how I want it and no one corporation is getting rich off of it as in all that money fed to ultimately one man that has all the say. Countless folks paying INTERNACHI to have access to the inspectors signed on with them. That brings the total to what, triple, quadruple of what the inspectors are payin at 500 per year. Do you really think all the info on that sight was paid for by INTERNACHI. Not one penny. It was all paid for by sponsors and members.

Nothing is free. You pay 500 for it. I pay 500 for what I wish to spend it on and it is not for paying the owner of INTERNACHI. 1000.00 can pay for double the hours needed to renew my llicense and the rest of the learning is free. As in free. Not paid for to line anyone's pockets. Between all the different sights one can pick up more information and learning than one could ever need.....for free. The only reason I pay out the money every year is to satisfy the state requirements.

Just some thoughts. I know lots of inspectors from about all the associations. All great folks. Well. With the exception of me. I am a hard headed pain in the ... at times but I try to curb that.When I moved to Texas and did have to be state State licensed and mandates met the association fees were just not needed.

Raymond Wand
01-17-2013, 09:39 AM

1. The problem is Nahci is not interested in cleaning house, the other associations at the very minimum have mechanisms in place such as complaint and hearing and appeal process because they are democratically run, not by sole decree by non elected. Not Nachi! Not a true association because of that lacking. One has to look no further than the antics on the Nachi forum. Rules breached with abandoned and no moderators again contrary to the so called rules. Ditto ESOP, how can any of that be seen as a professional body let alone voice of the industry?

2. As I have oft repeated I have no problem with Nachi education. But that is where it stops. It is an educational provider, full STOP.

Robert Ernst
01-17-2013, 09:40 AM
Gary, I would disagree. I belong to other associations and I'm not sure if you do or not. But usually education is additional to the membership fee. You pay your money to belong and a certain amount of things are included but education is not one of them. The only ASHI courses approved are at Inspection World and I know that is not included in the regular membership price. My state is pretty tough on accepting education courses especially when it comes to safety and law. There were only 2 sources for me to get the law, and both would have been expensive so I asked NACHI to make one and they did. It took some time between them and the state to get everything in compliance but Lisa and Ben did it. Will it bring them more members? All I'm saving is that I have asked for several things and they have been very accommodating and provide allot more than other associations I've belonged to that charge allot more. Go where you like.

Dan Harris
01-17-2013, 11:34 AM
From what I see is no Association wants to clean house. ESOP I agree but this does not make the Home Inspectors any less valuable if they are well educated.
I have been impressed as to what lengths other Associations will to go to discredit Home Inspectors of InterNachi yet it just backfires in the end.:eek:

.Other associations discrediting nacho ???
You must be a newby :D :D
If you do just a little investigating about the so called association that you call home, you will find from day1 your and other members dues went to discrediting and attempting to destroy 2 associations and their members, and money was even spent to steal/hijack this web site.

" Yet it just backfires in the end", you are correct about that :)
Yep it sure does, this site and the other associations and the members are still thriving, and your orgs open to the public chat board, and on-line quiz for an instant certificiation is still the joke of the home inspection profession :D

Raymond Wand
01-17-2013, 11:45 AM

Nachi changes SEO requirements on posts it wants to continually come to the top of Google searches, this is vindictiveness clear and simple and its ongoing.

As an ASHI member I have yet to see any slamming of Nacho on the ASHI forum.

Any bashing Nachi on this site is non association affiliated, but warranted given the intensity of the outlandish unprofessional comments on the Nachi forum by its so called illustrious leader and other contriving underhanded tactics.

Dan Harris
01-17-2013, 11:57 AM
Didn't you get the hint last time Lisa went on this MB.


Yep I got the hint, within 24 hours of that post lisa/aka nicki was on your site slamming ashi members to the public :D

Ted Menelly
01-17-2013, 12:17 PM
Ted lets take this a step further right now all the courses have been accepted for Licensing in Alberta but it took a little time for them to get it to be read by the so call Engineers in Alberta. These are not just everyday people they need to know Codes, Math, Structural issues ect and now the training has been accepted so this cannot be denied. I have contact with Engineers on a regular basis so I know what is important.
All training should be done in such a way that you know where you made a mistake, without this type of training you can bring the wrong info into your business.
Sometimes the wrong info can be harmful to your Client and even cause death. Home Inspection is serious business and the training should be treated the same.
Those in charge should be trained as well in the same manner as Professional Engineers.


Training is for the new guys. Experienced professionals just need the update on the changes in the industry. The new code changes and especially when they are adopted in your area. The rest of the learning or training if you will is the constant refreshing.
As far as engineers go everyone I ever met constantly states that they are not in the home inspection business and do not even know what all we inspect for.

Better building practices and materials used. All that is not training it is called learning. You train dogs and monkeys to do tricks. You teach to pass on your knowledge. You learn to better yourself.

The one thing I will give you for engineers is that they are actually taught to figure things out themselves. It still does not make them familiar with the home inspection field on ethics or SOPs.

It was given to engineers? These are not everyday people? They are not teachers either unless everyone of them is a teacher in a specific field. And who put these courses in an engineers hand anyway. Who's idea was it to have "engineers look at a course and be the ones to decide if it is a good course? Why was it not given to those that taught electrical engineering (that has to do with stuctures), taught structural engineering (that has to do with homes and other building structures), taught foundation engineering, taught plumbing and roofing etc etc.

Did anyone of these folks know anything about a home inspection as a whole. How to put all this information into a home inspection. The SOPS of home inspecting. The fact that the folks being handed these courses have to not only know each individual subject bu the entire structure and all its components. Far far far different than just knowing engineering on a particular subject.

Being handed to an engineer in and of itself means nothing is what I am hopelessly trying to convey. Being an engineer in itself does not teach one how to teach a class or how to put a course together for that class.

Sorry for the way too long winded rant. All I needed to say and get to the same place was the last paragraph.

Dan Harris
01-17-2013, 12:18 PM
So like I said it goes both ways.
ASHI is just as guilty.
Defend your turf I believe is what it is called.

ASHI just as guilty? In your world it may go both ways.

Like Raymond stated I also have never seen any negitave statement on any chat board, or in any other form from ASHI leadership about nacho, nacho members, or nicki.
Defending my turf no need to. ASHI's elected leaders choose to promote us members to the public, goverment officials, other professional associations, and the real estate community as professional home inspectors.

Dan Harris
01-17-2013, 12:30 PM

" Yet it just backfires in the end", you are correct about that :)
Yep it sure does, this site and the other associations and the members are still thriving,. :D

I forgot to mention.. The org that nicki been claiming / lying to the members and the public is on it's last legs, had the largest number of inspectors in five years attending this years Inspection Convention in Vegas.

Raymond Wand
01-17-2013, 12:36 PM

Nachi and its IT head Chris Morell are irresponsible.

In the past I have asked Nachi numerous times to remove lies about me. Everything from being dishonourably removed from OAHI, wanker, hacking the into forum as examples which still show up to this day.

They have fallen on deaf ears.

Subsequently I have had to have Google remove from its search findings those hits which are nothing but libelous statements not borne in truth. Propogated for one purpose only.

Nachi has no place at the licencing table given its actions and its vehement need for retribution and it questionable freebies being handed out as being professionally and legally recognized.

You can try and defend the actions of these unprincipled morons, but it won't wash on this forum because many have been subjected to the same baloney that Dan and I have.

Raymond Wand
01-17-2013, 01:55 PM
I and many imagine that the situation did get out of hand at one point. No one in my understanding is innocent.
Past has got to be let go on both sides!
I know that there are many wounds not healed but are we not looking for the same thing that is removal of the ones that have no credentials.
Nick is guilty but how about you Raymond?
Do you share no blame for being removed from the InterNachi MB?:eek:

Let it go? How can one let it go when the posts are being ranked on Google and requests to remove same are ignored?

Sure I am not innocent, but since when is defending yourself from unwarranted lies wrong?

As far as being removed for posting a private email from a yahoo account from the ESOP chair is not in breach of any of the Nachi rules the same rules which are not enforced for anyone else. And that is a fact.

Even the Nachi attorney sided with me and an open hostile ESOP which thinks a hearing and publishing of one sided info on an open forum is proper - again goes back to my statement that Nachi is not professional and hasn't a clue. Its all about protecting buddies and income of the owner..using people and lying to achieve it does not speak highly by a so called associations which wants desperately to be seen as professional.

Of course you wouldn't know what professionalism is at the association level because you have never belonged to a professional association to know.

Nachi and its handlers don't like anyone who is astute enough to question the bull and then point out those shortcomings avec facts.

LeRoy Holm
02-04-2013, 05:48 AM
I have been a member of InterNACHI since 2009. I had also belonged to ASHI and HIP.
I received my first year free after graduating from the inspection school so I thought I would check it out and compared to the other organizations it offered so much more that I realized I was wasting my money on the other groups. I have to have 20 hours a year for my license and they provide it to me with approval from Wisconsin, if I belonged to these other organizations I would have to be paying out a lot more that the $289 I spend a year to belong to InterNACHI.
The prices do keep going up but you pay for what you get just like a home inspection.

Ted Menelly
02-04-2013, 09:48 AM
LeRoy the other thing that has gone up too is the quality of the training. It takes money to put out the InterNachi TV but I now you and I can attest to the quality within the training and when it was offered for FREE I said to myself what!!!:D

I respect what you folks feel and think.....but. Between all the inspectors and massive vendors they taken in millions and Pocket a large portion after they spend money for that make up of training. A lot of that material is free to them from vendors. Anyway, great material they have but not free. I can get all Continuing ed and pick and choose my own courses. I just hate the constant marketing hype of free, free, free. Remember, their take in is millions.

Rolland Pruner
02-08-2013, 09:29 PM
Look into Internashi, I have been in the past a member of most all inspection outfits, I have flound that the internashi is the best, they offer the best for the inspector. I did ot like the way ASHI and Nahi was always tearing down other assc. I also Liked Spreia It also has the best info you can get. You will get the most out of these for you to be a good inspector.

I am a past 25 year inspector Retired. My opinion