View Full Version : Anyone been successful converting Inspectvue to HIP

Jack Feldmann
03-23-2013, 08:04 AM
I've been working on converting Inspectvue to HIP and found its a huge amount of work. I'm curious if anyone here has been successful converting, and are happy with the results. I would like to see the template, or at least a sample of the report.

John Kogel
03-23-2013, 07:15 PM
Jack, your wish came true today. :D
I just got this email announcing a new convertor for what you are trying to do.


Scott Patterson
03-23-2013, 07:32 PM
Jack, post this on the HIP website I bet you will few more folks with similar issues.

Jack Feldmann
03-24-2013, 06:15 AM
Thanks Scott, I will try that.

John, I am getting help at HIP, however the converting is very time consuming. I'm looking for someone that has already made the change with some success and has a template.