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Shawn McFarland
02-07-2014, 12:37 PM
If Stephen King wrote about bee’s they’d be the Africanized bees. Also called killer bees, Africaianized bees are an experimental hybrid strain of European and African honey bee subspecies. Several queen bees escaped from the lab and have spread throughout the Americas. Africanized honey bees are more defensive than European honey bees.
These amazing little creatures are found on every continent expect Antarctica (Can you blame them). Bees feed on nectar and pollen. Bumblebees are one of the more important wild pollinators, but have declined significantly in recent decades. In late ’06 early ’07 the rate of attrition reached a new high, and the term “colony collapse disorder” was coined to describe the sudden disappearances. Researchers determined a DNA-based virus, (iiv6) and the fungus Nosema ceranae when combined was a deadly one-two punch to colonies.
This decline makes me sensitive as to how I treat bee colonies. Recently one of my clients had bees at their property. With the use of a thermal camera. (So awesome) I was able to pin point the colony. I was hoping to save the hive. Wouldn’t wild honey make a great Christmas gift? Unfortunately they were located inside the son’s bedroom wall, and I was unable to save the hive. When dealing with bee’s always consult a professional. In some cases the hive can be saved.

Raymond Wand
02-07-2014, 02:32 PM

This colony was collected by a local beekeeper.