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Ronald Gould
01-12-2015, 03:42 PM
Many of you are currently providing or in the recent past have provided flooring inspection services for us in the past, others have made inquiries to our company. Since 2003, Inspect Solutions has been providing flooring inspection services throughout the United States and Canada for major retailers, manufacturers, distributors, cleaning services, attorneys and more.

There is a tremendous shortage of qualified, certified flooring inspectors throughout the United States and Canada. Most of the current inspectors are near or at retirement age and cannot keep up with the demand. Most basic inspections take 30-45 minutes to perform; with online submission of the reports, the report writing process is usually less than a ½ hour. This is a great way to supplement your home inspection business along with adding another service to your customers.

Home inspectors already have the basic knowledge, qualifications, and equipment required to perform flooring inspections in this lucrative field. Becoming a certified floor inspector can increase you income yearly.

Inspect Solutions is assisting and helping to support an instructional certification class being conducted in Dalton, Ga, June 18-22, 2015 by QuestInspect, Institute of Floor Covering Inspectors (IFCI) and Flooring Academy of Specialty Training (FAST).

QuestInspect and Inspect Solutions are committed to providing inspections to inspectors that successfully complete the certification programs. Unlike other programs where once you complete the certification process you are left on your own to build your business and capture clients, we will provide you with inspections. Through our technical teams, we will also provide you with support services; we will review, critique, give constructive feedback, and provide industry techniques/standards that will assist you in becoming a professional flooring inspector. You will also be qualified to accept and perform inspections from an array of new sources; such as independent retailers, consumers, distributors, independent manufacturers, etc.
Once you complete this course, you will be amazed by the multitude of installation and manufacturing issues that can be found in most homes you currently inspect.

If you have any interest and would like more detailed information regarding this program and the certification, please contact any of the following:

QuestInspect (Certified Flooring Inspectors- Experts USA & Canada (http://www.questinspect.com)):
Ray Darrah: (702) 803-0004 RayDarrah@gmail.com
Linda Lockwood: (609) 660-1717 Linda.Lockwood@gmail.com

Institute of Floor Covering Inspectors (Institute for Floor Covering Inspectors (http://www.ifcii.org))
Henri Carr: (678) 595-5446 henric@bellsouth.net
Billy Simmons: (251) 609-7906 simmonsinspections@gmail.com

Our industry needs qualified inspectors. I hope many of you will take advantage of this opportunity.

stanley frost
01-14-2015, 06:53 AM
How much does the inspector make for each inspection? Is the price for the inspection based on type of flooring materials, sq. ft. of flooring, slab or pier and beam?

Ronald Gould
01-14-2015, 07:01 AM
How much does the inspector make for each inspection? Is the price for the inspection based on type of flooring materials, sq. ft. of flooring, slab or pier and beam? It varies, carpet inspections are usually $125 to $150, they are really the easiest. Hard surfaces for a basic residential can go from $175 to $275+. It depends upon the size of the inspection and material. In remote areas you also have to factor in a travel charge. Vinyl planks and laminate floors are usually on the low end of $175 and the hardwoods pay more. A professional flooring inspector doing this full time should do 125K+ yearly after expenses. They won't make that the first couple of years unless you were in an area that is not covered by an inspector. There really is only about 150 inspectors working full time in the country. 75% of these guys are 65 or older. This industry is coming to the realization that there are no young people coming into this segment that virtually nobody outside of the flooring industry knows exist.

Welmoed Sisson
01-14-2015, 08:17 AM
I'd never heard of Flooring Inspections. Who hires the inspector, and why?

Ronald Gould
01-14-2015, 08:24 AM
I'd never heard of Flooring Inspections. Who hires the inspector, and why?
Most of the major flooring manufacturers, retailers and distributors. It's not unusual for nobody to know about this area of inspections. After a floor is installed and the consumer has a complaint about the installed flooring, floor inspectors are needed to determine if the complaint is a manufacturing issue with the product, installation issue, a maintenance issue, or it just may be a consumer expectation issue. The retailers can't arbitrarily charge-back a manufacturer and/or installer without an independent inspection to determine what the cause of the complaint maybe. The manufacturers don't want to pay for a complaint without verifying exactly what the issue actually may be. My company for instance performs all of the inspections for Lumber Liquidators, Empire-Today, Home Depot, etc... and a many manufacturers. Not only do we provide floor inspections for Home Depot and Lowes, we provide inspection services for any product they may sell. We find the right inspector for the product needing the inspection.