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Jack Feldmann
01-19-2015, 05:18 PM
Having lived a life of frustration with Inspectvue for way too many years, I finally made a switch.
When I could get a hold of someone for technical support, it always ending with a "work around", instead of a "FIX".
Porter Vally Software had always said that Version 5 is just around the corner, but it must be a very long block, because that corner is way, way off. They did admit once they really didn't have the resources to FIX the problems that were happening, they were concentrating on the new version.
My report writing time was getting painfully long because of all the work arounds, and checking and rechecking everything.

The biggest problem I had was trying convert the Inspectvue library to another software program. With over a decade of library tweaking, I really didn't want to start over. Some programs could not convert at all. Dominic did try to convert the library, but because of the convoluted way it was written, it just didn't convert well at all (not his fault). It not only brought over tons of "hidden" narratives, it changed every one of my narratives. I was looking at a ton of work to try to get the library even close to what I had.

A friend of mine suggested I try Spectacular after he had made the change from Inspectvue. I liked the style of the report, it was very close to Inspectuve.

Aaron converted my Inspectvue library with little problem. I would say it was probably 85 - 90%. I have played with it for a couple weeks, and took it on the road last week. I love the fact it runs on an i-Pad, and syncs seamlessly with ISN.
Tech support is about the best I have ever had with software, right there with Lorne Steiner. I was having a small issue, and Aaron had an update out in less than 2 days. Oh, and over the weekend at that!!!!!!
I can highly recommend Spectacular Home Inspection System. Only runs on i-Pad.

Dom D'Agostino
01-20-2015, 07:08 AM

What iPad are you using? Has it changed your inspection style, or do you keep it centralized and update the device periodically throughout?

Thank for the honest update.


Jack Feldmann
01-20-2015, 04:10 PM
I use an iPad mini 2. I also bought a redpepper-case.com water proof case. I don't plan on dumping it in water, but I wanted dust and slight moisture protection. It also has a lanyard, so I wear it around my neck.
When I started with Inspectvue, I used a PocketPC in an OtterBox case hung around my neck. It was very handy, and I didn't have to worry about leaving it someplace, or dropping it.

I started hanging my flashlight around my neck a while back. I found it reduced the motion of always reaching around my tool belt to get my flash light, and it makes it very easy in attics where I can have both hands free and still have light.

Since the iPad does not have a flash, the flashlight right there really helps get light when I need it.

When I go into a crawlspace, I use my camera, and use an adapter to download the photos from the SD card right to the iPad. I use Dropbox to get my radon results from my PC laptop to my report on the iPad.

Trent Tarter
01-24-2015, 11:10 AM
How much can you customize the look of the report? The one they have listed on website looks pretty generic.

Jack Feldmann
01-24-2015, 07:18 PM
Trent, you might want to ask Spectacular about that. The look of the report is very similar to Inspectvue (that I've been using for a decade or so), so it appeals to me. One of the reasons I did not go with some other software companies is I didn't like the look of the reports. I just can't stand that check box style that has X's in boxes along with a little narrative.

I'm in the very early stages of using Spectacular, so I'm not an authority on all that it can do.

I just looked at the sample report. Mine does look a little different. For one thing, I don't have the numbering.

Marc M
01-28-2015, 10:31 PM
This is the best software I have ever tried or used in my 18 years. Aaron is not only a super cool guy, he is hands on and is always available with a text or phone call. He updates the software all the time and it has more useable features than I can list here.
Try it...