View Full Version : Vinyl over stucco

Richard Roshak
05-04-2017, 03:01 PM
Did a house today where the owner had a contractor install vinyl siding over hard coat stucco (front only). Is there a down side to this type of installation?

Markus Keller
05-05-2017, 07:08 AM
From my experience, yes. By hard coat stucco I'm assuming you mean old, vintage, thick stucco, not some variation of dryvit/eifs.
- How was the vinyl attached to the stucco wall? With nails? If so it isn't uncommon for lots of nail pounding to crack and break the stucco even more than it presumably is given its being covered. I've seen bulged vinyl siding areas because stucco pieces are falling apart underneath
- If attached with nails can the Seller confirm the nails used were long enough to reach into the wood substrate or framing. Another common issue is to nail into the stucco. Holds real good for a bit but after a while not so much
- Was any insulation board installed, were 1x's secured to stucco wall / framing and then vinyl on top of that?
- How were window and door terminations treated? common problem area
My point is to have the Buyer ask the Seller about the installation methods. How well the installation was done or not goes to how well it will last and whether or not your client will be ripping it all done to deal with broken, crumbling stucco issues