View Full Version : Wierd siding

Ernie Simpson
09-16-2017, 07:43 PM
I saw this siding today. It looked like asbestos-cement siding from a distance. Where pierced, however, it was some type of composition siding. it was warping at a couple of spots - which asb.-cement siding would not do. I think was stuff was installed in the last 15 years. its almost a masonite material.
Anybody see this stuff? What is it? (As I've never seen it my thinking is it was a flawed material that didn't last in the market very long. Pics attached.

Ernie Simpson
09-16-2017, 08:47 PM
Sorry, I realized as I was posting this that it is just an asphalt shingle siding that has been recently painted over. Feedback at the inspection indicated that the siding may have been installed in the last 15 years, but I think that was erroneous. It most likely was a late stage asphalt siding that appeared newer due to having been painted recently and, I believe, in the past as well. Still looked weird...