View Full Version : changing out a lens

stanley frost
10-10-2017, 03:12 PM
Does anyone know how to change a lens on a fluke infrared camera

Bruce Ramsey
10-11-2017, 07:29 AM
Fluke probably does. Just saying

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Fluke probably does. Just saying

10-12-2017, 01:15 PM
Depends on the camera and age.
What series do you have?
They use to show you how but I can not find the link.

stanley frost
11-08-2017, 04:43 PM
thanks, turns out i was over thinking it. It is really very simple. Doing a lot of moisture inspections after hurricane harvey (live in Rockport Texas). Can't believe still looking for moisture almost 10 weeks after the storm. I'm also a licensed mold inspector, think I'll be busy (currently doing 110-120 inspections a month) for a few more months but then will be looking for another market to go to Rockport real estate market will be dead for a while