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Brian Hannigan
05-22-2018, 09:10 PM
How to avoid the two most common claims against home inspectors
Published on 2018-04-28 09:36:21

From roof leaks causing water spots to catastrophic floods undermining structural integrity, water intrusion and damage contributes to the two most common claims against home inspectors. Accounting for nearly half of claims against home inspectors in the past three years, water damage poses a serious risk to inspection businesses.

In this article, we provide insights as to why water damage claims are common and what claimants typically allege. That way, you’re prepared to prevent such claims against your home inspection business.

Defining water damage:
Water damage is any destruction caused by water intrusion, meaning water coming in where it shouldn’t. Sound vague? It is. Water damage’s expansive definition is part of why its claims are so common and why its claims take not just the first but also the second place in the Top 5 Most Common Claims Against Home Inspectors. (See the full list here.)

“Water intrusion is the number one enemy because it attacks from all potential angles of the home, from the roof down to the foundation,” explained Hank Spinnler, Owner of Harmony Inspection Services in Georgia. “It degrades materials like sheet rock and drywall, it rots wood, and it can lead to microbial growth.”

Todd Miller, Owner of HomeSpec Certified Inspections, Inc. in Florida agrees. According to Miller, inspecting for water damage goes beyond fulfilling a home inspector’s requirement to do so because it’s one of the most common types of damage uncovered in inspections. Miller estimates that eight of every 10 homes he inspects has water intrusion or water damage issues... More (https://goo.gl/A85vnM)