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Brian Hannigan
08-16-2018, 02:45 PM
I liked this article on "Expectations" because it's so true that many issues can be put to rest right away if the expectations and scope of an inspection is clearly spelled out far in advance.

Brian Hannigan


How to set home buyers’ expectations
Published on 2018-08-10 04:56:42

We’ve discussed how to set expectations with inspection clients in the past. You know that appropriate expectations are essential for mitigating risk and ensuring client satisfaction. But do you have a good understanding of what you need to explain and how?

In this article, we continue our series of interviews with recent home buyers. We reveal what expectations typical home buyers walk in with and how you can help them have a more accurate understanding of your services. In so doing, you provide quality customer service while mitigating your risk of potential claims.

What is a home inspection?
First-time buyers Jessica and Brandon Finch did research before purchasing their inspection. They understood what a typical inspection includes, and they knew which services they wanted to add on. Knowing that home inspectors only test representative samples, they went so far as to test every outlet with a blow dryer and to turn on every light switch themselves.

However, the Finches are the exception to the rule.

“Jess was more prepared than the average bear. I think she was trying to [understand] some of the things that [the home inspector] could be looking for and trying to understand what that means more [than most],” Brandon Finch said. “Explaining what [they’re doing], why they’re doing [it], and…the consequences of their findings [is important].”

However, few home buyers come as prepared as the Finches. Of the first-time home buyers we interviewed, the majority did little to no research prior to the inspection. Instead, they expected their home inspector to explain the process to them.

Recent buyer Shelley Olson thought she’d be able to get information about the inspection process from her home inspector. Instead, the conversation with the inspector was “very short” and “uninformative.”

“The home inspection that we thought we were getting was not what we got,” Olson said. “There was never a grounding or providing [of] some base expectations. We ended up really disappointed because we had higher expectations.”

Because most home buyers don’t have the time or the forethought to research the inspection process ahead of time, it’s important for you to provide them with some basic information. By defining a home inspection for your client, you can make sure they understand your responsibility. In so doing, you decrease the likelihood of... Read More (https://www.inspectorproinsurance.com/marketing/set-expectations/?utm_source=Inspection%20News&utm_medium=Forum)