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Matt Fellman
01-08-2008, 06:33 PM
This is one that I've run across several times and I just don't like it. I believe the code calls for a minimum resistance to force applied over a given area for railings of this sort. And while that might be okay when the deck is first built, over time the wood dries and things loosen up. The small brads or finish nails just about fall out after the deck is several years old.

I just picture a child running at the railing from the deck surface. It baffles me that railings are built like this.

Jerry Peck
01-09-2008, 06:32 AM
From the 2006 IRC.
- Table R301.5
- - MINIMUM UNIFORMLY DISTRIBUTED LIVE LOADS (in pounds per square foot)
- - - USE -Guardrails and handrails(d) . . . . . . LIVE LOAD - 200(i)
- - - USE - Guardrail in-fill components(f) . . . . LIVE LOAD - 50(i)

d. A single concentrated load applied in any direction at any point along the top.
f. Guard in-fill components (all those except the handrail), balusters and panel fillers shall be designed to withstand a horizontally applied normal load of 50 pounds on an area equal to 1 square foot. This load need not be assumed to act concurrently with any other live load requirement.
i. Glazing used in handrail assemblies and guards shall be designed with a safety factor of 4. The safety factor shall be applied to each of the concentrated loads applied to the top of the rail, and to the load on the in-fill components. These loads shall be determined independent of one another, and loads are assumed not to occur with any other live load.

I suspect those brads would not suffice.