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Stephanie Jaynes
12-17-2018, 01:06 PM
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Here's our latest article, which discusses why claims professionals recommend holding onto inspection assets for 5+ years. Thanks to those of you among the 260 home inspectors who contributed to the survey included in this article.


Inspection assets: How to store inspection contracts, reports, photos, and videos

In Massachusetts, claimants alleged that a home inspector missed over $30,000 in property damages. According to the claimants, the inspector failed to identify a bow in the exterior wall along with resulting water, structural, and pest damage.

The crawlspace that exhibited most of the issues was inaccessible at the time of the inspection, and the inspector noted the lack of access in his report.

However, the claimants stated that the inspector still should have been able to identify the bow from outside the property. With their allegations, the claimants included several pictures of the exterior wall of the home where the bow was clearly visible.

The claimants? photographs were nearly identical to the ones the home inspector had in his files. Nevertheless, there was a striking difference: The inspection photos revealed that there was a large bush covering the bow on the day of the inspection.

As illustrated in the claim above, it?s important to store your home inspection assets, or the documents and graphics you create for and at each inspection. Inspection assets?such as photos, videos, signed contracts, and reports? serve a purpose long after your clients complete their real estate transactions That?s why our claims team recommends that home inspectors keep inspection assets for a minimum of five years, regardless of the statute of limitations in the inspector?s area.

In our survey of 260 home inspectors, we asked the open-ended question, ?Why?s is storing inspection assets important?? See their responses, as well as tips for asset storage, by clicking the button below.

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