View Full Version : InspectionGo Announces Plans for ?InspectionGo Academy?

Brian Hannigan
11-05-2019, 10:11 PM
InspectionGo Announces Plans for ?InspectionGo Academy? With Kevin O`Malley and Wade Williamson

InspectionGo, a community of the top home inspectors in North America, is honored and ecstatic to announce the acquisition of Axium Academy, and launch of InspectionGo Academy. In addition to the acquisition from Wade Williamson, founder of Axium, InspectionGo has brought in Kevin O?Malley, one of the top inspection educators to grow and develop the already powerful school. The official announcement was made during the October InspectionGo/ MIC Platinum meeting in Denton, Texas.

The academy will be headed by Kevin O`Malley, founder and owner of multiple home inspection schools, and Wade Williamson, founder and owner of Axium Inc. who are both excited to join the InspectionGo team and enrich the community starting in the classroom!

Kevin O'Malley, who has over 35 years of industry experience, is the founder of Inspection Training Associates, the first licensed home inspector school, which educated and trained over 15,000 inspectors under his direction. After running the school for over 15 years, Kevin sold Inspection Training Associates to Kaplan Education in 2003. Kevin then went on to start Casey O`Malley Associates School in 2008, ASHI School in 2010, and the Home Owners Network in 2012, which he sold to Porch in 2017. Home Owners Network is now known as Porch Home Assistant.

Wade Williamson, who over the past 20 years has managed over 200,000 home inspections, founded and built the second largest home inspection company in the United States, Axium Inspections, as well as the most distinguished home inspector school, Axium Academy. Wade founded Axium Academy in 2007 because he acknowledged that one of the biggest pain points in his business was hiring quality, trained home inspectors. The Academy was built to bring other inspectors into the field to partner with, but also to help them find their own success. Axium Academy stands alone in the industry, combining inspector training, startup business consulting, and ongoing support. Axium Academy graduates have performed over 100,000 inspections to date.

InspectionGo Academy will provide new and upcoming home inspectors with modern, innovative, prestigious industry-specific training and resources to ensure quality education. The first InspectionGo Academy is a rebranding of the Axium Academy in Denver, Colorado. Kevin and Wade plan to combine and infuse their methodologies, practices, experiences, and resources to provide a top-notch education for home inspectors. They intend on creating school facilities across North America, as well as traveling seminars and classes to help home inspectors across the country hire other well-trained inspectors.

The announcement and launch of InspectionGo Academy will only perpetuate the overarching goal of the company and community; a fervent commitment to enrich and enhance the home inspection community.