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Barry Cohen
07-20-2020, 02:05 PM
Hi Inspector colleagues. Are you tired of searching the internet looking for home inspection resources? So were we. I'd like to share with the group our new Home Inspector Resource site that will help all home inspectors. HomeInspectology.com. We have created a one stop shop location featuring the majority of inspection vendors in one location. If you're looking for:
Marketing resources
Inspection Software
Website Design
Inspection Training
Inspection tools....

You name it, it should be here. This is an unbiased site for inspectors by inspectors. We have been inspecting for a dozen years and saw the need for this type of resource. Take a look around. We plan to grow this as time goes to provide industry resources. Tell us what to add if it?s not here.

We hope that you explore the home inspector resource site, bookmark it, and refer back as you need resources. This site will keep expanding with feedback from inspectors.
You can follow us on FB @HomeInspectology and on Instagram @HomeInspectology.
www.homeinspectology.com (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.homeinspectology.com%2F%3 Ffbclid%3DIwAR2zESXqggR8q0e95ytG5wAgXPxrjt6mpo87n4 oLx2HqMEaZc4D1bjBgr7s&h=AT2rbd0QA7NlYrOlHOALMKF5JtO856Lmx9xLr5I-fczDWZ2_G4MDVm_W7oK4mvW33z5sbF8E_zN5iQakt5mZUfqk-5LTbbvRxyualsoeJI695X26W8YxKet8R5xJH4iwVrdSP6SfEhC A-GFLjQIx4Lcz6uzfDY7OWMT6I4GQCrp0KfNR-Csr_O_ppVXGh4Gi2jjq49cVEVFpspQqAfrel0APETeZfH-hr-Y4HSqI9uPYbZ8doZi7BfidCtDNIZ2rH_v1ROXjxEe8S11edqvf OEiOPvYwLZ5s1IOQhJtkv--lMdgoA7qVDBOqGGuOO6O1CX_9ld9xg0-b9Lww0qu91VCo-K-MaQWiMmPptQZDHjM_obr6K6yvXQGi3t6kC8KKic4aMyXQ8GElc NJqJsp3pe15EET4mF3HxW0MTfMbO0eDJeZgJ9Krnh5A7xev1fY ZZ5qMuhGhHHHezTZvkV9UtGNXu1IneJdQtWVDoZWt9-Vjfb4FmwswK19y37x0dJaw3qsexPKWETNf66p5HC55JouQ4IJK 2K0WihnmKIjUjjJmllFp7Ly2nIn-Zq_CeOUMT-ojhzPIJJmYPyxXu7TSbFj_xY_-B5eLDAwWLPiWbGL0yoWHlmBTp_DAwngXJaQ130S9LDq8wMO8yY Njf4yYBRbcd3QcDiw3YMA3hCf0yIDUklDC9PRgYCWmBQfrnL4f oisNwWtRyCN_IBr6Dp4WoIXnUCXvKLdfk5dXtvURFcBASQox45 a96I0aPuojcHuprO-e1fII1DbAaLHsZu4Si8rbWKbinUhYwTuzhKoD1bHLT_v8BPHkV 0qUYJ3h6jl038guihTTTCBaY-9VuDOG6YH1Tt6utnaDHNOA9SBQvbZ49pWtryqJrEg5ijwPiOWh XWeK1vEIRXpAYpxvGe_N48Yi-aUrJ30EnPHFeBoHSVarNq3PFW5JaefRQ7cTA7Tvrr4xvEwMU9k )
Feedback is welcome as this for all of us. Thanks. Barry.

Jerry Peck
07-20-2020, 02:14 PM

Not off to a good start here as I didn't see any forums you were sponsoring ... only your post on Brian's website to get some free advertising.

Also, I suspect that Brian already has everything covered, so coming here to post free advertisement for stuff which is likely already available ... here ... rather strange, and indicates that you did not do your research well before starting your business.

Oh, by the way ... "So where we." Really? No proof reading done for your free advertisement?

Not off to a good start, that's for sure.

But, hey, I'm retired, what do I care? I don't, just some information you may want to consider.

Barry Cohen
07-20-2020, 02:38 PM
Hi Jerry,

Not sure I follow you here. I created a resource site for home inspectors to make their lives easier. Perhaps you do not see it that way. It is a free site to use, oh, and its free for the vendors to be listed on it. I have gone through this site and there is no section where the industry vendors are located( if I missed it feel free to point it out). Why wouldn't I want to share my site with fellow home inspectors? I'm not advertising anything except a free resource. Thanks for the comments.