View Full Version : What do you think about the RS300 radon machine?

Kevin Luce
05-28-2008, 03:16 PM
I am looking at buying the RS300 sold by AccuStar. It's being sold for $800. I'm wondering if anyone has this machine and what they think of it.

Besides the information below, it does 16 count per hour which I also like.


Measurement- Radon Gas
Radiation Detected- Rn-222 Alpha
Principle of Operation- Pulsed Ionization Chamber
Units- pCi/L
Sensitivity- 0.27 cpm/pCi/L
Dynamic Range- 0.5 to 150 pCi/L
Linearity- +/- 10% Best straight line
Lower Limit of Detection- 0.5 pCi/L
Data Storage (volatile)- n/a
Data Storage (nonvolatile)- Up to 240 readings, wrap on overrun
Sampling Mode- Passive diffusion
Measurement Interval- 1 hour
Maximum Number of Intervals- 240
Continuous Measurement Range- 1 hour to 10 days
12-Hour Test Delay- No
24-Hour Test Delay- No
Shows Minimum Radon- Yes
Shows Maximum Radon- Yes
Shows Alpha Counts- Yes
Calculates Average Measurement- Yes
Data Transfer Software (Windows) RadStar Data Capture Utility Version 3.2

Tilt Switch- Yes
A/C Power Fail Detection- Yes
Key Switch Lock-out- Yes
Display Blackout- n/a
Battery Saver Mode- No
Hourly Humidity Measurement- No
Hourly Temperature Measurement- No

Physical Dimensions- 7"H x 8"W x 4.5"D
Tripod Mounts- Yes
Weight- 2.5 lbs
Color- Green/Black
Operating temperature- 50 - 90 deg F
Operating humidity- 0% - 80% rH non-condensing
Temperature Sensor Range- n/a
Humidity Sensor Range- n/a
Display- None
Operating Indicator(s)- Green A/C Power, Red Testing LEDs
Output- RS-232 serial port
Battery Operation- 5 - 8 days; internal NiCad
Battery Recharge Time- 12 Hours
Power Supply- AC Wall Transformer - 12 VDC 800ma