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Mike Huppi
05-01-2007, 05:35 PM
Here are a few pics from today from a 11 month old house that the owner did not think that he should have an inspection, yeh right

The bracket I am guessing that they just had the wrong size and added a 2x6 to fill in the blank spot and then they could not even drive in all the nails.

The second one at least the beam has not had a lot of weight on it or it would have split there was about a 5' span to get to the beam post that was scabbed together. Some of the builders around here think that everything is ok because its the way that it is done. The owner was surprised at what I had found.

John Arnold
05-01-2007, 06:02 PM
Mike - Not to worry about that beam end. The Romex will hold it up.

Mike Huppi
05-01-2007, 06:06 PM
Oh I did not think of that thanks I will let them know when they park there car on top of that area.

Bruce Breedlove
05-01-2007, 07:00 PM

Is the end of the beam bearing on anything? I don't see any bearing surface in your pic.

Assuming the end of the beam has proper bearing, with the end of the beam notched as it is the entire shear load at that end must be resisted by about 1/3 of the beam (the top portion of the beam that was not notched). And the beam will split longitudinally from the corner of the notch.

Definitely a job for a SE. (The beam may need to be replaced because the notch has destroyed its structrual integrity at that end. Or the engineer may come up with a fix to install bearing under the uncut portion of the beam, e.g., bolting an angle section to the foundation wall. Or he may recommend adding more Romex. :D )

Mike Huppi
05-01-2007, 07:49 PM
The beam was sitting on the sill plate but it should be supported so I did recommend a SE for the items and to provide a letter saying it was okie dokie to have the other wood scabbed in on the brackets.

I love my job

Bruce Breedlove
05-01-2007, 08:34 PM
The beam was sitting on the sill plate . . .
And, as you know, that sill plate will crush over time due to the concentrated loads. The beam should be supported by something that will not crush, e.g., concrete pocket, steel shims, metal hanger, etc.

Mike Huppi
05-01-2007, 08:46 PM
Yes I call this out every few weeks or so that why I put in the report for a SE to decide what to do with it.


The owner did not think I would find anything wrong in his house that was very important and I was in a good mood when we booked the inspection. He wanted to pay a lower price for the inspection so I told him I would drop the price by $100 if I did not find anything but if I did then it would cost him the full price and no discounts for being a new home warranty inspection in which I give $20 off for. I brought 2 contracts had him sign both agreeing that we would destroy the contract that we would not use, and after I told him all the items I found he paid the full price inspection when I asked him what contract he thought we should use. He is telling all his neighbors to get a home inspection from us but no dickering on the price.

wayne soper
05-02-2007, 05:30 AM
I personally like the hangers pictured. HAHA What are they holding up, MAin waste line, can't tell from photo?

Mike Huppi
05-02-2007, 07:53 AM
Yes that is a waste line they hang them that way so that the lines can not go up or down it is common on newer construction around here.