View Full Version : Could this fibrous insulating blanket be something else?

Alton Darty
07-19-2008, 04:07 AM
Yesterday afternoons inspection, 50+ year old house. Steam heat.
I've got a ton of pics that I will be posting on this one. But the insulation on the steam pipes is my concern right now. My client walked through the entire inspection with me, with the exception of the roof, saw everything as I did. We are both of the opinion that this insulation may be an asbestos containing material. I did stress that I am not an expert in the identification of this material and that I would not remove a sample for testing in a lab.
I'm asking for my own info, the report wording is already done, and I believe that I have informed my client without going to far outside any boundaries.
Alton Darty
ATN Services
Osceola, AR

John Arnold
07-19-2008, 04:10 AM
Definitely looks like asbestos.

David Banks
07-19-2008, 05:09 AM
I say something like this.
: Potential asbestos noted on some older heating pipes. Lab test is recommended for positive identification.

Jim Luttrall
07-19-2008, 06:50 AM
Asbestos in Your Home | Asbestos | US EPA (http://www.epa.gov/asbestos/pubs/ashome.html)

I will add links to my report, since I only deliver the report via email, the links are a great source of information for my clients that is as simple as copy and paste. I will generally just find the information while writing the report and copy and paste to ensure that the link is fresh and active.
I will try to use unbiased sources like the hud and epa sites.

Alton Darty
07-19-2008, 11:02 AM
My client was present during the entire inspection, even in the attic and in the crawlspace. First time I've ever had that happen. We did discuss at length the potential that this material is in fact asbestos.
There were a number of issues with the home all of which my client absorbed with some apparent thought, but I still got the impression that this was the home that he wanted. He seemed to be a very intelligent fellow, and he mentioned several times that he enjoyed doing home renovations in his spare time, seemed as if he had a good grasp of building and mechanics in general.
Alton Darty
ATN Services
Osceola, AR

07-19-2008, 06:32 PM
spare time home renovation is great -but when it comes to mold like substance and asbestos like substance----this should be evaluated by a certified and licenced mold and asbestos expert---permits are needed to dispose of this stuff--joe smoe just can't come in and rip this stuff out--asbestos mitigation goes for alot of money


Alton Darty
07-19-2008, 06:43 PM
Covered that with my client. He says that he has dealt with the scenario in the past and has an asbestos mitigation crew that he has used in the past that will be coming in to take care of that part of the job. As I said in an earlier post, seemed like an intelligent sort, no nonsense type of guy, sounded like he knew his limitations. He mentioned quite a bit of the work he has planned would be performed by professionals and that there was no chance that he would tackle some of the issues that I identified.
Alton Darty

Richard Rushing
07-20-2008, 02:50 PM
The only view that looks close to being identifiable is the third pic.

Yeppers... looks like asbestos to me.