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This is an example from our August newsletter

"CSA A770 Standard for Home Inspectors due in Sept

The CSA technical committee developing the draft standard for home inspection is nearing completion. PHPIC member Marcel Gratton was invited by the CSA committee to conduct a test inspection that conforms to a recent version of the draft. The CSA technical committee will use the feedback from the test inspections to make refinements to the draft standard.
Marcel commented that "The CSA test inspection went very well. I don't foresee much additional time in performing home inspections as per CSA Standards versus PHPIC's.
But one will have to make note of serial and model number of heating/AC appliances, date / location of smoke/CO detectors and operate sprinkler's..."

PHPIC will continue to keep its members updated with the latest news."

Keep Safe While Inspecting
Allan Spisak

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