Not everyone likes to go shopping but when you can make a list, have some information and know what you are shopping for it does make it a little easier.

Brian Hanngian


Shopping Home Inspection Insurance 101: The Top Three Factors to Consider When Buying Your Next Policy

Whether you’re a new or seasoned inspector, buying home inspection insurance can be daunting. With mile-long policies and seemingly identical advertising, it can be tough to determine exactly how insurance providers differ. And without understanding those differences, you can’t make an educated purchasing decision.

As a home inspection insurance provider, we get policy comparison questions all the time. And although we’d love for every home inspector to be insured with us, we understand that every inspection company has unique challenges and needs to consider. Therefore, we want to give you the tools you need to figure out what insurance coverage best fits your business’ needs. Below, we describe the three most important differentiators to examine when comparing insurance providers.

Apples to Apples
Has someone ever warned you not to compare apples to oranges? The popular metaphor teaches us that, although apples and oranges are both round fruits, we should be careful comparing them because they are in different subcategories. Instead, we should strive to compare apples to apples. By keeping our comparisons in the same group, we ensure that we draw more meaningful conclusions.

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