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    Default TREC & TRCC Questions.....

    I was hoping some one could clear a few things up for me. I am trying to get into construction because Real Estate has slumped off and I need to diversify.

    According to the new TRCC I get that there are to be three inspections of the property for new construction, or any construction over $10,000. What if a client was remodeling with $10,000 worth of new cabnets but nothing else. Would they still need an inspector?

    According to TRCC the inspection must be done by either a licensed engeneer, registered architect, a professional inspector licensed by TREC, or commission certified third party inspector.

    OK, well I'm TREC licensed, do I need to register with TRCC before doing any inspections? This is kind of confusing to me.


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    Default Re: TREC & TRCC Questions.....

    We need to have a cuppa together since we are both in Conroe. My understanding of the new rule is that the cabinet replacement would require the inspections, but I wouldn't hold my breath for that registration to happen. Nor would I expect it to happen if one is replacing flooring, adding molding, etc. There are still clarifications to occur and bugs to work out in the new system.

    Notice that the requirement is for a Professional Inspector. I have already seen a case in which an inspection by a Real Estate Inspector was rejected.

    Inspector registration with TRCC is required. It is quick and painless on the TRCC web site. However, the burden of knowledge of the system is on the inspector. Many of the contractors are aware of the new requirement, but they are unfamiliar with the reporting process. All that information is also available on the TRCC web site.

    Where and when for the cup of coffee on me?

    Darrel Hood

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    Default Re: TREC & TRCC Questions.....

    Yeah, the new requirements are quite confusing. I know a few contractors and they are all confused on the law. I am trying to get all the info. on it I can, but I think it needs a lot more clarification. There is a lot of work since Ike came through.

    I have a construction inspection on Wednesday, but I still need to sign up with TRCC. Hopefully I can get my online access before then so I don't have to cancel.

    Thanks for the advice!

    As for the cuppa? Any time man! Give me a call or shoot me an e-mail:


    (281) 330-7357

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    Default Re: TREC & TRCC Questions.....

    Be very careful. Check with your E&O provider as they may not cover you for such inspections.

    From what I understand if an AHJ's inspector does his job on a house under construction or remodeling and something goes wrong they and the AHJ are held harmless.

    Everything I've seen, so far, indicates that inspections done for the builder/remodeler via the TRCC process are viewed differently in that the inspector is liable.

    There may be some clarification out there on this, but I've not seen it yet.

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    Default Re: TREC & TRCC Questions.....

    I am a TREC Licensed Professional Real Estate Inspector. I am also registered in the TRCC system so that I can participate in the "County Inspection Program". I have already done some county inspections for framing and mechanical. After completing the inspection go to the TRCC web page armed with your builder's or remodeler's TRCC # and project #. With the registration number provided to you by TRCC you can then go in and pass/fail the project. It is very easy! My E & O people said no problem!

    As for the cabinet job - if it does not require framing or electrical work or plumbing work or HVAC work it would not qualify under the county program. Now if you have rewire under cabinet lights or reinstall a sink does that require an inspection? I have no idea!

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    Default Re: TREC & TRCC Questions.....

    Also to what was stated above. If "remodeling" included framing, plumbing, mechanical then the cost of the entire job would apply! That means all cosmetic type items..i.e. cabinets, paint, tile, carpet and so on.

    If the total job, including all material and labor is $10,000 or more, then the job must be inspected.


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