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    Posted for Cam Allen

    I am quite confident that there will some comment about the following letter,
    but it is time the OAHI members know where yet another gross waste of their
    membership fees has been going. I also realize that the largest reason this has
    happened is because the OAHI board hates my guts with a passion and not one
    of them will admit that what has happened here is wrong and
    somebody….anybody within the board should have stopped this many, many
    months ago. I will begin in September of 2007. The OAHI Kingston Regional
    Meeting Group attempts to reorganize with a Meeting in Kingston. It was an open
    meeting asking for anyone to attend. In case you don’t know the Ontario
    Lakeshore from Oshawa to the Quebec Border has less than 25 members, of
    which 17 are RHI’s. In the Belleville/Quinte region there are “O” members.
    Claude Lawrenson attended with the NCA presentation, it was poorly attended
    and a small group began the journey to try and re-establish this group after the
    debacle of Ralph Banks. In November of 2007 we held another meeting at the
    Ambassador in Kingston. With a strong training format, we attracted over 40
    people, the four OAHI members who decided to restart this group were pleased,
    until the OAHI board stepped in that is.
    For three months in the fall of 2007 the board waffled from; there will be no
    meetings for anyone that is not an OAHI member unless they pay, they will allow
    one meeting before you join or two meetings before you join and today I am
    really not sure which it is. For years it was two meetings for anyone who wanted
    to see what OAHI was all about, are we not in the business of developing and
    expanding the membership? The Chairmen of both Ottawa and SWOMG raised
    their voices and to the best of my knowledge their groups remain with an
    invitation for two meetings before you must join. Kingston was told no. The
    President at the time Mr. Lloyd then stated that we must get prior approval for
    any meeting and this became a “hot potato” for the OAHI board. I have clear
    evidence that meetings in other locations did not or do not need the blessings of
    the board. During my previous position as Chair of the Kingston Group no such
    approval was needed.
    The Kingston Group then ran yet another well attended meeting in January of
    2008 and was refused acknowledgement of the meeting or the cost, this one I
    paid for. The Kingston Group is now dormant. Weeks of heated arguments
    ensued until April of this year when I filed Civil Court action against OAHI to pay
    for these meeting rooms. We are talking about $1200.00 here. That is for the
    room and coffee for two meetings. The OAHI defense arrived; it is a stack of
    documents and copies of e-mails that measures nearly ¾ inch thick.
    Some weeks later at a hearing to find if there were grounds for settlement
    adjourned with no settlement arrived at. Late in the summer I sent a brief e-mail
    to Pres Gogal stating that this has gone far enough and we should consider the
    members $$$ and settle this as men, so to speak…….I heard nothing.
    I filed for trial in September and lo and behold yet another defense arrives in
    late October in the form of a motion that says the Kingston Meeting Group cannot
    sue OAHI because “we are part of OAHI” and “lack the legal capacity to
    commence or continue the action” …………read that again clearly. They try for a
    quick trial date that I could not make and it seems that the lawyer for Blumberg
    Segal was “not available” to change the date. I wrote the court and explained our
    position. Mr. Segal promptly steps in, ignored this notice and sent one of his
    lawyers to Kingston to try and push this thru….fortunately the courts in this great
    country generally believe in some manner of fair play and told Mr. Segal’s lawyer
    that this was not going to happen and this would be dealt with at the proper trial
    date. I might add that this motion is a stack of documents near a half inch thick.
    This is insanity……….I walked all of the OAHI filings into my lawyers office
    recently and asked him what he thought this was costing, his estimate was
    “based upon Bay St rates, I bet they have got ten to fifteen grand tied up in this
    so far” Remember we are talking about 2 meetings here and one attempt by
    myself to stop this by negotiation…… response.
    Where are we now; OAHI has two different defense filings on the same case,
    this should be interesting as to how the courts see this, paid the Pres to come to
    Kingston, paid one of the Segal Lawyers for a round trip and it hasn’t gone to trial
    yet. I can only shudder what the trial would cost OAHI. All of this because Cam
    Allen is hated by the board, believes in the National Program and he won’t kiss
    the derriere of the OAHI brass and nobody on the Board obviously gives a damn
    about the insanity of this…………its your membership money here remember.
    How much have the fees gone up this year??
    I will now make the same offer the Kingston Group made months ago, we will
    withdraw the action and settle for 1000.00 and will pay the rest of this out of our
    pocket……… anybody at OAHI listening???..........are there any OAHI board
    egos here that need to be pampered when common sense should reign here??
    Cam Allen

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    For any following this thread, Cam Allen will be back in small claims court facing off with OAHI tomorrow Feb. 9, 2009.

    Good Luck Cam!

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    I understand that this case was thrown out of court and Mr. Allen ended up paying an additional $100. to cover the OAHI's expenses.

    However there have been other developments that eclipse this minor issue.

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    More bull from another fine home inspector association

    It just does not stop . Everyone so far up everyone elses but it is insane.

    Need I say more

    More of that nya nya crap. He said, she said, they said, he did, she did they didn't, it never ends.

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    Doesn't sound like another fine association to me Ted. Its anything but. This same association had 3 BOD resign two weeks ago and the COO the month before that. We now have 7 associations in Ontario thanks to all this nonsense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond Wand View Post
    Doesn't sound like another fine association to me Ted. Its anything but. This same association had 3 BOD resign two weeks ago and the COO the month before that. We now have 7 associations in Ontario thanks to all this nonsense.


    Everyones wants to be the man in charge and the rush for control. No one has the same opinion or widely varying opinions. Not much ever gets accomplished.

    This person wants this. That person wants that. I want to head my own association. He wants to head his association.

    Why the hell don't they leave home inspectors alone. Wht is it that everyone that becomes a home inspector wants to regulate every other home inspector and tell him what he must and must not do. Look at all the other businesses in the world. Yes, many have regulation of some sort but not many except high finance have someone up their ars in every thing they do.

    This entire deal with everyone must be protected from everyone else the world is getting into is insane.

    How did anyone survive in this world before all this regulation and SOPs and Ethics.

    How the hell could anyone have ever bought a home all by themselves.

    *Friends, some 30 plus plus years ago*

    Hey, I have an idea. Lets get Ted to look the house over. We can give him a few hundred for his time. I mean after all, he remodels homes and sees all this stuff all the time. I think it will at least relieve some of the worry and we won 't buy a total crap hole. I mean after all if we want a new home we could always buy one. We know it is going to have some issues.

    Wait a freekin minute Ted........

    You can't just go out there looking at homes for folks and getting paid for it. We have to form some rules for you. After all the public has to be protected against bad guys. How could they possibly survive on their own. I mean after all they cannot make those kinds of decisions all by themselves. We must look out for them. They must be protected. Now lets see about all the details of what you must do and what you cannot do.

    In the mean time a builder comes in. Prices out a complete rehab or a large remodel for a home. Presents the proposal. Does the work and walks away with the money.

    An inspector walks in . Goes over the entire home as well. He hands the folks a report of concerns and can never touch this home for any work it needs.

    Now I can go to a home as a contractor (even though I am also an inspector) and price it out for remodel telling the folks everything a home needs from HVAC, roof, plumbing, electric, roof, foundation etc etc and then do all the work, collect the money.

    Freeking regulations are getting out of control.


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