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    Default New Oklahoma Home Inspector Legislation

    Senate Bill 645, introduced by Oklahoma Senator Jay Paul Gumm, will, if enacted:
    1. Increase the required pre-licensing education requirements from 50 to 90 clock hours;
    2. Remove language exempting pre-licensing education requirements for various reasons;
    3. Increase the yearly continuing education requirement from 5 to 8 hours.
    As a former state lobbyist, I am confident that Sen. Gumm's legislation will go through fairly easily. Although I haven't spoken with him, I have a feeling that the bill originated from the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board which recently took control of home inspector licensing and regulation.

    The link to the bill HERE.

    Just FYI. Don't know how many fellow Okies visit this board, but I thought I'd pass it on anyway.

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    Default Re: New Oklahoma Home Inspector Legislation

    Of course it is going to pass. There is nothing to the requirements.

    Not that it mattered much but Texas raised its hours to about 500 before taking the state exam.


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