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    If an HI were to own ONE UBC book, where could I find such a book? Would Barnes & Noble have such an item? What would a reasonable price be for such a reference book? And does a single book exist that covers all (or most) of the building trades?


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    You can order a copy of the 1997 UBC, now a legacy code in California (get only Vol. 1 because you don’t need Vol. 2) from ICC website. If you become a member of ICC, and I suggest you do, you will get a choice of one free code book.

    I strongly recommend you also purchase copies of the 2006 IRC, 2006 UMC & UPC and the 2005 NEC and the entire collection of Code-Check. That’s what I call a minimum library for a serious home inspector. Once you get used to learning the codes you will continuously expand your library because knowledge is power, power is credibility, and in this profession credibility is everything! (it’s also your armor plating litigation wise)

    I also suggest you peruse this BB as there is a wealth of information just waiting for those willing to take the time to become educated.

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    JUST what I was looking for !!
    Thank you, Jerry.



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