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    Is any one using this SendOutCards ? What do you think of it...

    I was going to sign up but its some kind of a pyramid like thing and You can not just sign up but you need a sponsor.

    I called them and the girl on the phone was not very nice

    Anyway any info ?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Bibler View Post
    Is any one using this SendOutCards ? What do you think of it...

    I was going to sign up but its some kind of a pyramid like thing and You can not just sign up but you need a sponsor.

    I called them and the girl on the phone was not very nice

    Anyway any info ?


    I think Brian has something about send out cards on this site.
    Check out, I think the topic is referrals

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    Hi Ron,

    I've been promoting SendOutCards (SOC) for a long time. Is this your first time to InspectionNews

    I was introduced to SOC and loved the system but delayed joining for about 9 months because I was never a fan of Multi Level Marketing. For some reason that just sounds scary (or scammy) but I got over it because I really liked the card system. That was the best decision I ever made. You do not have to be part of the MLM system, you can simply use it if you wish.

    You do not have to get in to the MLM side of it, you can just use the system and send cards. However, with all my research I decided to join with the Entrepreneur package because I knew if I liked the system so much than others would too. I just show people how to send a card on line with the system and earn $120 if they sign up. Without trying I have found enough people (or they have found me) who would benefit from the system that it has paid my cost of the program plus paid for the cards I have sent out, basically making a free marketing program me.

    Some of the things I like about SendOutCards are:

    1. Easy to use and all on-line. They print, stuff, stamp and send your custom card for less than what a generic card costs in the store.
    2. The cards can be printed in your own handwriting (or choose other fonts and colors) and you can select from 4 of your own personal signatures.
    3. You can add your own pictures to the front or either inside panel of the card to customize it any way you wish.
    4. You can upload your current database of contacts so they are ready to send cards to and /or you can add contacts as you go.
    5. You can create campaigns that allow you to make a custom card(s) and then do a mail merge with selected contacts from your database(s) so that everyone receives a personalized card.
    6. When cards arrive they are opened because they look like (and are) personal cards in an envelope with a stamp. This makes it a great value since post cards and fliers usually get tossed.
    7. If you wish you can sign up others and earn residuals so that your SendOutCards Marketing Program is free or you may even earn more money.
    8. You can send gift cards and gifts along with your cards.
    9. SOC is part of an established company (Hallmark & American Greeting)
    10. You will be amazed at the complements you receive when you send someone a custom card with their picture or something meaningful to them on the card. The cards really are memorable.
    I'm not here to do a hard sell on it but it is a system I use all the time and I think it is great. My primary use is to send "Thank You" cards to my clients after I receive payment and I use it to send marketing information in a personal way.

    I believe that this is a great program with many uses and for you to get referrals from your past clients simply by keeping in touch with them.

    Watch the video here:
    then click on "Click here for your FREE trial courtesy of InspectionNews" to send a card for free and try the system. It comes with detailed video instructions.

    If you want to sign up you can do so here: and click "Join Now". It will list the different types of accounts and their prices.

    If you have any questions please let me know.

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    Hi Ron,
    I know of at least one home inspector using SendOutCards a lot: Gary Sloan of Advantage Peachtree in Peachtree City, GA Greater Atlanta Home and Commercial Inspections | Advantage Inspection Peachtree

    After every inspection, he takes a picture of the house and sends a Picture Plus thank you card to the realtor who referred the business. One of the realtors who frequently refers business has about 12 thank you cards tacked up on the walls of his office. What a great advertisement for Gary!

    I'd be happy to help you get started. I assure you I'm very nice.
    Give me a call any time 678-298-9422.



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