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    Quote Originally Posted by John Dirks Jr View Post
    What is your opinion on this Massachusetts law?

    M.G.L. - Chapter 112, Section 87yy.5
    Mass always wanting to control everyone life and way of life. It will never changed. I lived in Mass for thirty six years and had enough of all that. Some folks from Mass will deny that and being fact but the only time it will come to light is if and when they move out permanently to some where that does not try to control everything.

    I have a very large family with all the uncles and aunts and nieces and nephews and cousins and all and almost all have move out of Mass. No matter what anyone says it is an extremely liberal state as far as anyone working for the government and they want to make sure there little flock is protected because God knows they cannot protect themselves.

    Anyway as far as this statement from the law

    "This prohibition shall not apply if there is a written contractual agreement or a written agency disclosure between the buyer and the real estate broker specifying that the real estate broker is acting exclusively for the buyer as a buyer’s broker. "

    I kind of thought that was pretty much the case anyway with the buyers Agent solely representing the buyer. Some cases no but in most cases yes. So in saying that the law is not going to affect the normal Real Estate transaction.

    Edit here

    Also the brochures are printed up by the office of consumer affairs. Whats that all about. How about the licensing board of realtors and edited by home inspectors so the consumer knows what a real estate inspection really is.

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