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    Just to prove you can sue anyone for anything, read this:
    Man Sues SFO, Agents and Boatload of Others for $555 Million

    The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is approximately 4 miles northeast of Hillsborough, CA, and the home of Stanley Hilton, but that is 4 miles too close. That is because Mr. Hilton claims in his lawsuit (PDF) that the proximity of SFO and its “round the clock jet aircraft in and out of SFO” has caused “severe emotional and physical injuries” including the loss of his marriage, family and career.
    According to Wired, Hilton is suing SFO and a bunch of others:
    • SFO Airport Authority, City of San Francisco, San Mateo County, City of Hillsborough
    • United Airlines; American Airlines; Virgin; Mexicana; Atlantic; Lufthansa; German Airlines; Air France; Federal Express; DHL; UPS; KLM Airlines; Northwest; Alaska Airlines; British Airways; Flying Tiger Lines; Japan Airlines; Korean Airlines; China Airlines; Singapore Airlines; Air Canada; Southwest; and Hawaiian
    • The previous owners of the home in question located at 670 Darrell Rd. Hillsborough, CA
    • Cashin Real Estate Company and Coldwell Banker
    • Two real estate agents
    • Jet engine makers Rolls Royce Company and General Electric
    • Jet manufactures Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas
    • And, an unknown inspector
    Additionally, he demands that the previous owners take back his home that he bought in March of 2003 for $1.475 million and refund him his money including any interest, fees and property taxes. He accuses them of fraud and says he did not realize this ‘breach of contract’ until Dec. 22, 2007– 82 years after the 20th busiest airport in the world was built, more than 4 years after he bought the property and 6 weeks prior to his divorce on Feb. 1, 2008.
    This is not Hilton’s first foray with legal challenges. According to Wired, in August the Duke Law alumnus was barred by the California bar citing moral turpitude. Could it be because of his $7 billion class-action lawsuit (he claims he represented 400 plaintiffs, but only two were listed) against former President Bush and his cabinet claiming they ‘let’ 9/11 happen on purpose? Who knows.

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    The guy is a wack job...



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    "... (he claims he represented 400 plaintiffs, but only two were listed) against former President Bush and his cabinet... "

    I wonder if those two were on this forum?

    ' correct a wise man and you gain a friend... correct a fool and he'll bloody your nose'.

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    I wonder if he has ever watched the Bee Movie-
    Blood Sucking Parasite with a Briefcase

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    ....and 6 weeks prior to his divorce
    What is he complaining about? He is not going to be living there, just paying for it .

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