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    Default R E Advertising booklets?

    Hey, i know this was probably addressed some time before, and if anyone can direct me to where- id appreciate it,

    But I have been getting calls lately in which I am asked to pay 400 to 600 dollars to be placed in a advertising booklet that will be available in their R E offices ( CALDWELL BANKER, ETC..) for 3 years. I don't know about this...seems weird, fishy, but also seems like it may lead somewhere.
    thoughts comments, experiences??

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    Default Re: R E Advertising booklets?


    Take that 400-600. and just throw it out your truck window. Seeing people in a frenzy rushing to pick it up would be more exciting than what you'd get out of one of those books.

    The call usually starts out with " You have been selected by one of our agents to be an exclusive in the office guide we are going to be passing out to all of our potential clients. Your bound to get a ton of business from it, since your going to only of a few inspectors in the book. We can give you the best placement thought."

    Sound familiar anyone.

    Most of these calls are not even from the actual real estate office but from some jerkoff in an advertising firm.

    I know this for a fact. Yep, I threw away that same money years ago.

    While doing PC on one of these realtor offices, I opened a storage closet once only to find a buttload of these type of advertisements just collecting dusts.
    I asked one of the agents why their not passing them out, she didn't know they were in there.

    Most of these books only have real estate information on how to obtain a loan, why chose a Realtor and a bunch of other BS.

    Give your money to your children if you've just got it to blow.


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    Default Re: R E Advertising booklets?

    AH! Thank you Rick, i thought as much.

    Business is just so slow for me, i was looking into any way.
    I definitely wont be doing this crap, as I have not the $.

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    Default Re: R E Advertising booklets?

    I got a phone call last week from a local real estate concern. The pitch started out that I had been chosen to attend one of their meetings being held at a clubhouse in one of the areas exclusive golf courses.
    The pitch man stated that this year, instead of doing single office meetings they were gathering all their agents together for this meeting.
    They would like me to attend....(at this point I'm thinking "Hmmmm sounds like they want a home inspector to put on a presentation on the ins and outs ... gee ... what kinda speech can I give... what points should I touch on......" When his voice brought me back to earth.
    As a vendor, he said, You will be allowed a table to display your brochures for only $500.00
    At which point I laughed into the phone... wish it had been his face....
    and said.... I will gladly send you a contract to preview which you can sign and return to me. I charge a flat fee of $500 for speaking engagements and I will not need a table for that. Will you supply a podium though?"
    Dead silence.
    No he said you don't understand.....
    Yes I do... You're looking for vendors to pay for your party.
    I don't pay... I get paid... do you want me or not?

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    Cool Re: R E Advertising booklets?

    Victor, you're a man after my own heart, loved that response!!! And is that Tony as Ric, or Ric as Tony?

    Jerry McCarthy
    Building Code/ Construction Consultant


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