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    Default Home inspection remains a buyer-beware environment

    This is the headline of today's Vancouver Sun, the sub-title is "Many homeowners confused by standards, unaware of potential conflicts of interest". A buyer brought a house in Maple Ridge, BC and compliant the immediately replacement for the rotten roof and wall were not included in the inspection report.

    Another case from the yesterday's CBC News & Marketplace video reported that an inspector did not report the house was used for grow-op after a home inspection near Kamloops, BC.

    Do you want to share any similar news from your hometown?

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    Default Re: Home inspection remains a buyer-beware environment

    The grow-op story has been discussed in another thread. In another thread we discussed the Canadian inspector who got a judgement against him for $200,000C for underestimating repair costs. And in yet another thread we discussed a sting operation a television station ran to see if home inspectors could find all defects.

    We definitely have a target on our backs.

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    Default Re: Home inspection remains a buyer-beware environment

    having a target your on your back is price you pay when, you charge for professional services. Contractors have been dealing with this for years.

    Welcome to the big league

    Any time you claim to be a professional and charge for your professional services you will draw the attention of those who see you as a hack, unprofessional, charge too much, take too long,and someone to blame for anything they want too.


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