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    Default Florida License Law

    Anyone have any info on the Florida HI inspector licensure law scheduled for implementation on July 1. There is still almost nothing on it on the DPBR site?

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    Default Re: Florida License Law

    Tom,I was scanning the internet a couple days ago and found an article that said it was rejected by the Gov. I asked my Atty. Friday and he confirmed that it was rejected. Then he said these things will sneak up on you. So I guess with that being said I said nothing . I still have the same question and am meeting with Atty.again this week. I don't call him and try to get answers without spending 300.00. Think I will ever learn you get what you pay for?
    P.S. This is my first post ,I am just starting as an HI. After 28 years in Construction I have decided to join the Profession of HI. I enjoy this forum and look forward to learning with you all

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    Default Re: Florida License Law

    Tom, Curtis,

    If you are not already FABI members, go here: FABI-Home Page
    contact Sunni at:

    And attend the upcoming FABI conference in March:
    March 13-14, 2010
    Mission Inn Resort & Club
    Orlando Golf Resorts: Mission Inn Resort & Club
    $99 per night
    (352) 324-3101

    Jerry Peck, Construction / Litigation Consultant
    Construction Litigation Consultants, LLC ( )

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    Default Re: Florida License Law

    Jerry,Thank you for your quick response. I will contact them and get details on when and if licensing will take effect.

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    Default Re: Florida License Law


    You may want to check out NACHI as they are the association with the most home inspectors in Florida.



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