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    Default TAREI and InterNACHI Form Alliance

    Join TAREI to take advantage of the many benefits of both associations!

    TAREI E-News Flash

    TAREI and InterNACHI Form Alliance
    for Texas Inspectors!


    Alliance: A relationship to further the common interests of the members. (Merriam-Webster)

    The TAREI board of directors recognizes that Texas inspection associations have become fragmented. The more fragmented the industry, the weaker our voice and fewer the benefits.

    TAREI is excited about this opportunity for Texas Inspectors!

    What does this mean for you? MORE MEMBER BENEFITS!

    Any inspector who is a member of TAREI has the opportunity to become an InterNACHI member with ALL benefits and priviledges for FREE! Check out the benefits at Inspector Membership Benefits - InterNACHI. You will be AMAZED!

    If you are currently an InterNACHI member and would like to be a TAREI member for FREE, simply fill out the TAREI Membership Application . Send no money! This will only be used so the we have accurate information to include in our database.

    Although each organization will remain separate, members are able to enjoy benefits from BOTH organizations. All you have to do is either continue your current membership with TAREI or JOIN TAREI NOW!

    Together with TAREIís long state presence and InterNACHIís national marketing, our members will be kept informed and we will be able to offer MORE benefits than any other Texas Real Estate Inspector Association! From the time you become a member, TAREI and InterNACHI will keep you informed!

    In addition, each TAREI Chapter has agreed to provide every new member a FREE one year membership! Each local chapter is active in marketing and education. This is an opportunity for every inspector in Texas to become active in their local community of home inspectors!

    This alliance is the biggest thing to happen to the Texas Inspectors in decades. Don't miss out on this opportunity! JOIN TAREI TODAY and start enjoying an abundance of benefits!

    Questions? Email

    Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors.
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    P.O. Box 90745 Austin, Texas 78709-0745 512-370-1977

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    Default Re: TAREI and InterNACHI Form Alliance

    I suppose the line begins at the left.

    Do you have to pre-pre-pre register?

    Sleep out all night to get a pre invitation?

    I wonder which is begging for more members?

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    Default Re: TAREI and InterNACHI Form Alliance

    I can't imagine to many Texas inspector's that are overly excited about this one.

    Rob Jones
    Washington State Licensed Home Inspector #256


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