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    Default Re: Disclosure of Local Codes/Ordinances

    Quote Originally Posted by Glen Neal View Post
    See post below. I believe the line was crossed when he used a section of the report to "write in a incorrect or non vented fixture".

    The realtor or HI (not sure ehich) led the owner to believe the corrections would be required to sell the home. I could never establish who was the party that suggested this as the corrections were made, home sold and old owners moved away.

    These instances happened over three years ago everyone. I had just ran accross this forum recently looking up a roofing question. this led me to ask about this past incident since I could not find a place to query the subject with. I did not realize I would open up a potential fire storm.

    You've previously stated the inspector wrote in his report, "incorrect or non vented fixture". This is not citing code. This is describing a deficiency. The home inspector didn't violate the plumbing code, but you went ahead and reported him without even the basic understandings of how real estate transactions are handled or, more importantly, how the Illinois plumbing code works in relations to home inspections.

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    Default Re: Disclosure of Local Codes/Ordinances

    Glen Neal,

    You've changed your "story" so many times in this thread it is dizzying!

    You started off stating one thing, claiming the issue was that an HI INSPECTED the plumbing system as a part of a home inspection for a potential residential property purchaser. You carried ON AND ON about how said HI didn't use a CHECK BOX inspection report and WROTE/COMPOSED a comment about a bathtub not vented properly and/or having a DRUM TRAP and it being deficient.

    When questioned you stated MORE THAN ONCE that the HI in (now two) cases DID NOT REFERENCE AN ILLINOIS PLUMBING CODE VIOLATION!! You not only admitted this multiple times, but you indicated a REFERENCE was made to a 2006 CODE STANDARD which OBVIOUSLY wasn't the ILLINOIS PLUMBING CODE since it was and IS circa 2004.

    Yet you supposedly write to STATE officials and employees in their official capacities CLAIMING that said Home Inspector not only claimed VIOLATIONS were present (NOT what you have said over and over here - only that said inspector referenced a defect or deficiency in the lack of a vent or that the trap and drain connections were less than sufficient and did not meet current standards), that said home inspector cited the Illinois Plumbing Code.

    You then began to write fiction accusing me of having "attempted" or of having "accessed" personal or confidential information about YOURSELF from IDPH, an utter falsehood.

    Then you claim the credentials of Illinois Licensed Plumbers are officially listed on a University website - another complete falsehood. CE credits issued by an Illinois University or extension are just that. A created document without credentials posted on an unregulated less-than-secure UPLOAD ACCESS site to which any student, former student, employee, etc. (anyone with an email address at the site) may upload to is meaningless.

    I really don't care who you think you are, or what power you think you have in your little hamlet. You've had more than your hack's share here, and haven't maintained the least bit of consistancy whatsoever.

    You have changed your story so many times, but still don't get it.

    The HI MAY INSPECT THE RESIDENTIAL PLUMBING SYSTEM AND MAY REPORT UPON IT. The HI act provides for this very thing. You were directed to READ the statutes and the code regarding Home Inspection by Home Inspectors. YOU OBVIOUSLY STILL HAVEN'T BOTHERED TO DO SO.

    Funny you're just now getting around to writing to F.S., someone you were directed to early on (BY ME) in this thread, over and over.

    AND regarding MY memory????? I'm the one that remembers idiots from YOUR county thinking that "they" as AHJ "Plumbing Inspectors" and Illinois Licensed Plumbers had the "authority" to inspect private sewage disposal systems and private well systems regards to public health issues/hazards, etc. - which a mere licensed plumber, employed as a plumbing inspector or not, DOES NOT, UNLESS working AS or UNDER an Engineer OR a Licensed Environmental Health Practitioner. Still burning from your own warnings, huh?~

    I also recall EARLY ON in your "ever-changing" "never-ending story" that you CLAIMED the Department of Public Health sent this supposed HI a CEASE AND DESIST ORDER (not a certified letter - inquiry/request for response).

    Yep, you're on a power trip, and still haven't come up with a righteous path/consistant fact-set story yet. Have noticed you're stories have admitted dabbling in that EHP area, yet again, wonder under whose license you're doing so...


    By the way, Illinois has had plumbing codes for a LONG, LONG time. As another poster asked, just when was the configuration YOU most recently "claimed" was the circumstance of the tub drain to lead patch let in drum trap to a closet bend, allowed, Huh?

    Bunk, Nuts, and more Smoke.

    Stiring the pot with "Watson" references, not biting either, just another "Hack" tactic.

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    Default Re: Disclosure of Local Codes/Ordinances

    Quote Originally Posted by Garry Sorrells View Post
    Goggled: " plumbing inspector for the Village of Glen Carbon Illinois" and found : Glen Neal - LinkedIn.

    Also found at that link:
    • Building Committee Chair at Renaissance St. Louis
    • Building Inspector at Village of Glen Carbon
    • ex/ Vice President-Project Manager at O'Fallon Plumbing
    Building Inspector

    Village of Glen Carbon

    (Government Administration industry)
    June 1986 Present (24 years 6 months)
    Starting position of Plumbing Inspector. My duties and training have grown to a point where I now perform footing, foundation, plumbing, framing, electrical, accessibility and final inspections. enforce multiple Village Ordinances, assist in Village Museum projects, research, provide resources for residents with code and construction related questions.

    Interesting to look into what the back ground as he must have listed it for publication.

    Glen Carbon, IL has less than 12,000 residents. Makes it a small town. Small towns seem to foster government that will go after those persons who threaten the governments absolute control over the manipulation of the people that they are supposed to serve. Personal first hand experience with a small town permit inspector where action is taken as retribution for challenging his position or for no participating in his side business.

    Glen Neal has the intelligence, by his own self description, to determine what the IL. Law and Codes actual are or to obtain a legal interpretation from the state before instituting a complaint against someone and actually go after the real party at fault.

    If he really wanted to help the people that had been taken advantage of, he had the ability to do so.

    Seems like just another small town government person looking to maintain their control over their town residents and businesses.

    Sorry that we have given him so much traffic.
    You said it well.

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    Default Re: Disclosure of Local Codes/Ordinances

    Quote Originally Posted by Glen Neal View Post
    Small town yes.

    Voted in the top 100 places to live by CNN money.
    Given the Bill Gates top library award in the U.S.
    Two time holder of highest per capita income in the Metro East.
    Museum received awards for top museum.

    Research it for yourseves

    Had anyone asked I would have answered, and directed to our website. Don't want to post the link, since it might be a phishing website or trogan. So search for yourself if interested.

    Again, my original question was "how would you have handled it"? Not to debate or argue the validity, prove who I am, etc. But that is what it turned into.

    Again, responding to consumer complaints.
    People seem to hate government unless they need or want it, or to complain about a neighbor.
    Then if we don't respond we get accused from the other end.

    Which one of you if you are aware that a company is performing HI without being licensed to do so would not report it?
    Or should the State back off on this also?
    Apply the same thinking to resident complaints.
    You felt that the owners were being taken advantage by who?

    You seem to have implied that there was a conspiracy between the real estate agent, the plumber, the buyer and the HI. All acting against state law with fraudulent misrepresentations to the buyer and seller.

    You stated that people were posing as Plumbing Inspectors and Building Code Enforcement as well as Health Inspectors. How about adding Structural Engineers, Electrical Inspector to the list.

    If you were really concerned about the older sellers and not yourself.

    1) Handled it by going to: State Attorney General, State Real Estate Licensing Board, State Home inspection Licensing Board, State Plumbing Licensing Board, State Consumer Fraud Division, State Realtor Association, Town Attorney, State Legislature Rep., State Senator.

    2) Unlicensed Home Improvement Contractor, Plumber, Electrician, Home Inspector contracting for work; bet your bootie we would report. If we did not report it and we knew it then we would be implicated in the action. And, unlike you we would be sued and loose our license.

    3) You certainly took the course of least resistance. Passed the buck to another agency. Misdirected the entire issue of what had happened to the seller.

    4) Yes you will only perform your function to the minimal standards required by the state and town. Otherwise you say nothing unless it is an immediate hazard ( a minimalist) You are only interested in the new construction and not in the old. You perform Plumbing Inspections. Home Inspectors as well as general contractors inspect plumbing. I do plumbing inspections every day as l use the plumbing in my own house and when I visit friends homes evaluating and forming an opinion and committing on what I found. Therefore under your interpenetration most of the people in IL are in violation of state law. You equate Pluming Inspection with inspecting plumbing.

    1. official examination: an official authoritative examination "a motor vehicle inspection"
    2. critical examination: a critical examination of somebody or something aimed at forming a judgment or evaluation

    Reevaluate your motives for your actions. Reevaluate your methods of taking action.

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