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    Niccole Barnes

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    Hi Nicole

    Seems like some know about it. To me it looks like a Home Inspector listing group but I really have not delved into it. The first link is from Inspectors in Georgia that signed on. Seems there is about 58 of them in Georgia. You should call a few inspectors in you state and ask some questions. Also follow the other links I pulled.

    Housing Inspector Foundation


    HIF Housing Inspection Foundation - InterNACHI Message Board

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    Never heard of it. Only one listing in the directory for Kansas.

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    Thanks Ted and David!

    Niccole Barnes

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    I'm a member in Oklahoma. They provide educational materials, legal documents you can use in your Inspection trade, along with software designed and made available by some of it's members. I use my membership mostly for the resources that are made available.

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