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    Default NAHI's Moving Target

    Great idea thanks, I snagged this puppy as it was dancin' across the top of my screen and have printed up a half-dozen copies that I will be taking to the range this weekend when I field test my new Taurus .45/410. I'll be aiming for the little yellow outhouse tucked under the "H".

    All kidding aside, for those of you looking for a great personal defense handgun for you or your wife (who might not spend enough time at the range) this might be the ticket. Accuracy is less of an issue with a shotgun and unlike a magnum handgun you are less likely to shoot through the walls of another home, check out the reviews and act fast, with the new regime coming into power these guns might become the next gun grab victim from the do-gooders.

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    Default Re: NAHI's Moving Target


    But I'm partial to my 12 GA.Ithaca Model 37 Riot Gun 8 shooter. Loaded with #4 Buck Shot. 27 pellets per round .24 dia. per pellet. Locale SWAT TEAM loves them.

    PS. Certified Crowd Pleaser.


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