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    Default Texas TREC approves new SOP & 7-3 Template (05/06/13)

    The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) has approved the new SOP and 7-3 Report Template at their meeting today (05/06/13) in Austin.

    The effective date for inspectors to use the new SOP and 7-3 template is: 01/01/2014

    TREC will likely have the documents ready for downloading at their site in a week or so.

    Usually TREC's implementation date for changes is September 1st, but the Inspector's Advisory Committee recommend an effective date of 01/01/2014 to allow the software companies time to get the new 7-3 template built into their applications and made available to their client base in Texas as necessary.

    The current SOP and 7A-1 and 7-2 templates will become "in-valid" as of the same 01/01/2014 date.

    The changeover is a 'hot cut' with absolutely NO overlap between the current SOP and templates and the new SOP and template.

    This actually makes for a clean/clear cut-over and will help both inspectors and the enforcement group at TREC. If an inspector produces a report with the old template on 01/01/2014 or after it is cut and dried a violation and the inspector can be fined.

    For the inspectors it is a plus as there is no "gray area" in which SOP or template is valid or not.

    Once TREC posts the approved documents I'll try to remember to provide a link here for them.

    I already have copies of the final/proposed documents, but would rather post the final/approved documents after today's meeting.

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    Default Re: Texas TREC approves new SOP & 7-3 Template (05/06/13)

    The TREC Administrator sent me an e-mail today (06/03/2013) advising that TREC had posted the final documents relating to the recently approved SOP, Forum Rules and 7-3 Form.

    The "in effect" rules are the same as noted in my original post.

    This posted is simply to attach the PDF files that are available at the TREC website at this URL:

    Or ... you can download the files I've attached.

    Form Rules: 01012014_535.223_ReportForoRules.pdf

    SOP: 01012014_535.227-233_SOP.pdf

    7-3 Form: 01012014_ABR_535.223_7-3_Template.pdf


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