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    Default TRCC new requirements

    Is anyone in Texas up on the new rules from the TRCC (Texas Residential Construction Commission) concerning required inspections in unincorporated areas?

    Sec. 446.001. APPLICABILITY OF CHAPTER. This chapter applies to residential construction described by
    Sections 401.003(a)(1), (2), and (3) in an unincorporated area and to other areas not subject to municipal
    Sec. 446.002. INSPECTION REQUIRED. (a) A builder shall have a new home or other improvement to which
    this chapter applies inspected by a fee inspector.
    (b) For new construction subject to this chapter, there shall be a minimum of three inspections
    performed during the project to ensure code compliance, as applicable, at the following stages of construction:
    (1) foundation, prior to the placement of concrete;
    (2) framing and mechanical systems prior to being covered with sheetrock or other interior wall
    covering; and
    (3) final inspection when the home is completed.

    Sec. 446.004. FEE INSPECTOR. A fee inspector must be either a licensed engineer, a registered architect, a
    professional inspector licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission, or a third-party inspector qualified under
    Section 427.001(b). A builder may use the same or a different fee inspector for inspections required under this
    Sec. 446.005. ELEMENTS OF INSPECTION. The commission by rule shall:
    (1) establish the elements of the construction that must be inspected under this chapter in
    accordance with Section 446.002 to ensure compliance with the applicable code provisions as required
    by Section 430.001(d); and
    (2) prescribe the form and the manner in which the results of the inspection will be reported in
    This is new information to me, part of the new legislation from the last session.

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    Default Re: TRCC new requirements


    Good reason to lock in the ICC certs you noted on the other thread. Interesting to note their comment about a licensed TREC inspector as we are not classified as "code" inspectors ... but we still us that as a foundation (no pun intended).

    I recall a conversation with a TREC Inspector's committee member many years ago when talking about licensing and he held up the IRC and said to memorize it as that is what you inspect to .... YET ... and so the conversation can go.

    BTW - good find on TRCC.

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    Default Re: TRCC new requirements

    Kinda exciting for us I think! Will be intersting to see if the countys hire inspectors. I have heard scuttle but from our sheriff officer's that they may be required to get there ICC certs to inspect in the countys. This makes sence since there out there anyways and know the county better than anybody!!!

    We will see how it all comes down

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    Default Re: TRCC new requirements

    My guess is the banks and insurance companies will be the driving force to get the inspection and the builder will be responsible for hiring their own inspector who can sign off on their project. I really doubt rural counties will start doing inspections without any mandate or funding from the state.
    ICC certifications can't hurt anyway, (except monetarily) but then it will be good marketing info.

    Jim Luttrall
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